the Ladyluck Games It is a rather young company. In fact, in 2019, for the impulse, among others, was born of the current CEO Mads Jorgensen, an old knowledge of the gaming industry that has made the bones in the production of games for mobile devices driving the Daydream Software, specialized in development from Games in Java for Nokia and Sonicsson cell phones.

To make Ladyluck Games young is not only the age of the registry, but it is also his particularly original style which consists of a mixture whose main ingredients are the great creativity of the team of developers, the availability of technologies and the latest generation tools and a solid knowledge of the market and the management and strategic aspects related to the life of a company. During the creative and design phase, the technicians of this software house place the emphasis in particular on two aspects: The game mechanics and a design that glues players to the screen.


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Always regarding the games, Ladyluck Games firmly believes in A "casual" approach to gaming And its activity takes place through hard work and great attention to details aimed at the objective of providing users of the online casino market with an entertainment source that is always of a high level. All the titles are developed using internal resources and despite the fact that it is a team that has been built for a few years, all the professionals who have been operating in Ladyluck Games also boast Several decades of experience in the gaming sectornull The headquarters is located in Stockholm, but with operational offices also in Riga and Copenhagen, it is therefore a company with a deeply Nordic soul.

Ladyluck Games and its games

The production of this provider focuses on Two categories of games, slot machines and casino casual casual. Speaking of the latter, these are games that can also be started on mobile device and also support options such as local and international progressive jackpots. Ladyluck Games had the undoubted merit of having been among the first to have guessed that many players do not always seek the usual types of games, but often they also like something new. Between i casual games di LadyLuck Games, in fact, there are titles that generally represent pastimes without great pretensions, such as the games that for many years were installed on Windows systems, that is to say Lonely as freecell and spider Or games as a naval battle, Yatzy, Hearts and so on. Without betraying the traditional spirit of these games, Ladyluck Games has produced real money versions while still keeping their gameplay almost unchanged and this is certainly a characteristic view of the public.

Moving on to the slot machines, however, Ladyluck Games proved to be even more bold especially with some models that make their main weapon of originality. This is the case for example of Mr. Alchemister, a slot machine that features the classic crazy scientist engaged with a car capable of transforming the lead into gold. On the screen, instead of traditional symbols, we will find a series of fragments of pipes that will assign winnings only when they can form a complete pipe that will then activate one or more fifteen multipliers (ranging from 5x to 100x). Mr. Alchemister is one 5x5 slot video with three episode lines, average volatility and RTP of approximately 95%.

For a Swedish software house, obviously it would be at least curious if there was no game inspired by the Nordic mythology: It is the case of Valholl Hall of the Slain, a six -rollers of four lines whose protagonists are the mythical Norse deities, such as Odin, Thor and all the others. The gameplay of this video slot is actually quite traditional, as it focuses on two types of bonuses. The classic free spins bonus will determine the enlargement of the game surface through the activation of new columns and the possibility of receiving 2x2 giant symbols, while the expansion Wild symbols will determine the dispute of three laps with Fissi Wild symbols which will gradually increase.

The Ladyluck Games games have an easily recognizable graphics thanks to a vaguely cartoonish style and the abundance of colors that certainly increase the scenic effect. The sound aspect that highlights a strong attention turned towards this characteristic of the games is also remarkable.