It really needs presentation of presentations the software Konami Gaming, as it derives from the giant Konami Corporation, One of the most popular design and development homes of video games in the world. Founded in 1969 in Osaka in Japan, it had started initially as a repair and rental company of Jukebox, but since 1973 the change of course was sudden and marked the fate of the company for the decades to come.

In that year, in fact, the company changed the sector of activity, dedicating itself full time to the production of cabins for arcade video games and, not even 10 years later, begins to develop and sell video games for various machines, including PC Engine, MSX, Nes and becomes an important partner of the famous Nintendo house, with which he made one of his most famous products, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Online casino list with Konami software

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The success of this title and of the entire subsequent series dedicated to the game of football has an immense success, reaching the record of almost 90 million units sold and attesting to one of the most famous football video games in the world. A beautiful inheritance therefore the one that Konami Gaming finds himself managing and that leads the new company to create one Casino list with Konami software very interesting.

The Konami software, you split and arrives online

The success of videogames del software Konami It is devastating throughout the planet, for all 80s and 90s, the bars, the game rooms and the same casinos begin to fill with products from the Japanese production company. In the meantime, the first signs of a possible future of the Internet instrument, a cutting -edge company like this can only take the intuition and see the wave riding the wave are beginning to see.

But even before the assault on the world online, the Japanese software house is unplugged in 2 large divisions: Konami Gaming, Inc. based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mecca of fun par excellence e Konami Australia Pty Ltd, Established in 1996 to serve the Asia-Pacific market, together, these two companies are able to provide complete global solutions for the world game industry and casino management.

In a very short time the Software Konami scores a success After the other in many countries around the world, from North America to Europe, from Latin America to Singapore, from Macao to South Africa, from the Philippines to South Korea. 407 resorts of the earth are seeing passionate players every day enjoying fun with the products of this technological giant.

The countries that are most involved by “tsunami” Generated by the Japanese house, they are North America and Australia, but all the main world championships of Gambling aspire to get their hands on the machines designed and distributed by the Japanese software house.

The seriousness and solidity of this large group are requirements that make the difference in the crowded world of world gambling, the high safety and quality standards that the Rough F and Konami Allows you to have it quickly the winning choice by an ever -growing number of operators, whether they are offline and online.

The Konami software and its beating heart

The growing request for game machines that provide increasingly satisfying entertainment levels, combined with the fact that they have multiple channels where you can take advantage of the aforementioned machines, brought the Konami software at a subsequent evolution, The fruit of the technological progress that took place over time has materialized in a game system called "SYNTH".

Synkros is the central pivot on which the new products of the Japanese company revolve, this is a casino management system capable of managing everything, from data of slots to information on customers, to accounting, a real technological heart of the Most High level, which translates into very easy management by the various gaming houses and in the return of very advanced services to customers.

Lo Slogan of Rough F and Konami è “Born from fun”, which speaks volumes about what the company policy has been pursued over the years and which continues today, the great dedication and passion for the world of fun guides the choices that are made and that have the final goal of creating games Involgers who capture the player from the first moment, giving him the most beautiful and fun experiences possible.

Casino Konami, a choice to envy

And it could only be like this for a company like this, which has tens of years of experience in the world of entertainment behind them, first offline and today also online, i Casino with Konami software They have become a beautiful reality to be used without moving a meter from their home and reliving those emotions that for years the Japanese company has given to land players around the world.

Konami is recognized as the fourth video game producer in Japan, especially with regard to arcade games. Perhaps not everyone knows that the company has started the production of Slot machine Since 1978, when the same began to establish strong links with different games of games in the United States in order to return products more and more relevant to what were the needs of players on the opposite side of the world.

Given the high level of skills necessary and the economic resources in its possession, it has not passed long before he heard of Casino Konami in the terrestrial version, gaming houses where arcade games proliferated, but where the first machines with the rollers that so successful still have today, from there to the online the step was immediate, were also beginning to see.

Technological progress is the daily bread of the Japanese giant. The company has lost time to tighten links again with various minor software house scattered around the world and large -scale production has begun also for the online gambling industry, to the point that today, with extreme probability Each gambler who attends virtual mess, has come across one of the Konami products without even realizing it.

Speak about Konami casino games It is extremely difficult. Their diffusion is so widespread that it becomes a problem appointing all the vast choice that the Japanese production house brings with itself. One thing is certain, also for this software house, the most successful product regarding gambling, is once again represented by the slots.

However, there are many games that are produced by the Japanese company. In addition to the slot machines and a whole series of classic or not casino games, Konami still continues to produce the cabinets with the arcade games that have made it famous in the world, confirming a real all -round entertainment giant.