Born almost as a game in 2002, the software house Inspired He is a company based in London. Originated by the intuition of Luke Alvarez, who, after a long period of study and work in the software field in the United States, decided to set up his activity focused on computer games, in particular for everything that revolved around the game of gambling.

Back home, in a short time he managed to put together a team of 8 capable and competent people, each in a specific area, but the focus of the company was immediately aimed at creating content for mobile games, which at the time not They were that an interesting mirage. Alvarez had seen us long and thus managed to anticipate the times: in fact, he was among the first to concentrate in this direction.

Online casino list with inspired software

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From then to date, i casino con software Inspired They are a reality in continuous development. In 2017, the London company also landed on the American Gambling market, shaking important partnerships with large operators in the sector.

Not only sports and lotteries in inspired mess

icasino Inspired They are particularly inclined to virtual sports on one side and the lotteries on the other. It should be added that the English software house also includes a nice dose of more traditional casino games.

Inside its platform we find the classics, such as rouletteeBaccarat, as well as bblackjack e poker, without forgetting a large choice of Slot machine, inevitable in any self -respecting platform. Among the best known titles of slot machine prodotte da Inspired We have: King of Charms, Chocolate Cash Pots and Mega Cherry. Today you can find them in structures operating on the American market, such as Snai, EuroBetelattomatic, in addition to a good VLT service throughout the territory.

But virtual sports remain the central strength of the casino con software Inspired. The association with Virtual Sports Graphics It was the real icing on the cake that allowed to jump into the Gambling Olympus at the London production house, with a huge choice of ultra-realistic games and available for terrestrial, online and mobile structures.

Equipped with a long experience in the field of visual effects, Virtual Sports manages to recreate perfectly, everything that takes place during the most famous sporting events in the world.

Important customers for inspired software

As often happens, when there is a very promising new reality, the great gaming houses and the various operators in the sector do not waste time and try to make profitable agreements before the others. The same fate is touched at software Inspired, who in a very short time managed to obtain important partnerships with some sacred monsters of world gambling, such as Paddy Power (now closed)eWilliam hill, just to name 2.

If you want to do some accounts, at the present time the London production company, supplied half of the betting terminals throughout the United Kingdom, which are counted about 34,000, but not only, its products are present in 40,000 offices and in 200 websites throughout the globe, a beautiful conquest for a company that was basically born almost by whim.

The American one is a market that has proven to be particularly interesting for i casino Inspired, both as regards the online and offline. 90% of the Earth and online virtual sport market is the dominance of the British company, but the real conquest the London software house has obtained it on the Chinese market, it has in fact obtained an important supply contract for one of the two national lotteries managed by the government.

The English production company will manage the Chinese National Sports Lottery, with its virtual football and horses racing games, a nice sticked towards many other companies in the sector, since the Chinese one is a flourishing but at all easy market, just enough Just think of the fact that many forms of gambling are not legal in the Asian country.

But the expansion of the software Inspired On the Asian continent only at the beginning appears, the race for dominance in the countries of the Rising Sun appears unstoppable for the modern British software house, which has recently announced that it will be the first company in the world to launch virtual games in the Philippines.

Inspired software, an enviable story

We take a step back in time, when the software house Inspired He sees the first 8 pioneers to work to fulfill what was Alvarez's dream for some years: create a company that could beat all the others in a segment that at the time was only present in a rather primordial version.

The founder has always pushed in the direction of the furniture because it was certain that this would be the future of Gambling and we must say that he was perfectly right. The players preferred to connect from the terminals, such as desktop, smartphones or tablets, instead of facing movements, often even long, to go to the mess and the game. There was therefore a need to meet this new need.

Il software Inspired He followed this need for the market and over time he evolved a lot, after just 4 years later, the British company purchased the “Virtual Sports Graphics” And he integrated it with what was the basic platform, creating a new virtual betting platform that will soon establish itself as a market leader.

Not only that, another segment particularly dear to the developers soon proved to be that of the lotteries, also in this case the English software house wasted no time to invest resources to emerge and the results soon arrived, if in the early years 100% of the His entering came from the United Kingdom, today 40% come from foreign markets.

The company has 800 people employed in Great Britain alone, while i casino con software INSPIRED There are now all over the world, from Europe to Asia, to North America and to Latin America, particular attention has been paid to the flourishing Chinese market, where the London society has been quite active since 2010, there are totally well 35 countries in the way they use its product.