Certainly not among the most famous names, il software Incredible Technology (IT), has made its appearance on the European casino market in relatively recent times. This at least compared to what happened beyond Ocean, where the IT software was born back in 1985 in a suburb of Chicago, thanks to the passion for the technology of a NASA engineer, Richard Ditton and to the brilliant intuition of a biochemist, Elaine Hodgson, One of the first women to look out in this world.

The story of this company is very interesting, because it closely recalls many other realities that have started in the basements of a house and then explodes and present themselves to the general world public even with several years later, when perhaps the hopes of the founders to have succeeded in Making something really important had almost exhausted, this is also the fate of the Illinois production house.


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If the passion of the 2 creators really developed in a underwater and remained them for a long time, the evolution of the platform meant that today we have one available Casino list with Incredible Technology software Not particularly full -bodied, but large enough to make it affirm as one of the software on which international operators have long placed their attention. Snai, lattomaticeWilliam hill They are respectable names in the game market in USA and offer incredible Technology games.

Incredible Technology casino games

The new era of software Incredible Technology It officially began in 2008, when it had been for some years that the sales of tokens to sights went on an inexorable decline. It was therefore indispensable to study something different, the most sensible thing was to try to diversify the product line.

This was the year in which the Illinois production company has invested more than always in the development of new technologies, which led it in a short time to reach a level of perfection that then materialized on the game platform Magic Touch, a great container that started the casino Incredible Technology endowed of Video Slot, Poker e Keno.

With this move, Incredible Technology introduces its first suite of casino games titles into the Gambling market, among these are the famous Crazy MoneyeKing of Bling And he leaves the conquest of the world, it was 2011 and since then the Illinois software house has still made a long way to get to date with his widespread presence in every continent.

Incredible Technology software, from cellars to stage

Incredible Technology was born as a video game software, in 1985 of Casino Online certainly did not feel talk, the aim of the creators was therefore to create a product resoundable to the production houses of bar games, which instead in the 1980s they know a real boom all over the world, However, things in the early years do not go as borne and the platform is struggling to take off.

This until 1988, when the software of Incredible Technology It is used to develop a game that can be said to be in all respects the first great product of the Chicago house. We are talking about the capcom Bowling, a unique game of its kind and the first game in Sets of IT, which immediately had an immense success and which opened the way to a whole series of subsequent products that have become very famous.

The great innovation of IT was to create a game with trackball, a sort of sphere that simulated the movement that the player's arm should have made. Strong of this innovation and the great success from the same received, incredible technology gives life to another great game known and copied in every corner of the world, the Golden Tee Golf.

The golf produced by software Incredible Technology It was only the first of a long series of titles that have depopulated in bars around the world until the second half of the 90s. Golden Tee Golf is no longer a single game, but a series of arcade games that raged first in bars and public places, then in the terrestrial mess, until they are also taken up again by online ones.

Dai bar ai casino Incredible Technology

The game of golf di Incredible Technology He manages in a short time to create an important following of enthusiasts, which induces the Chicago house to present a new version of the same every year, reaching its maximum of popularity in 2005 with the version Golden Tee LIVE which offers players the opportunity to challenge each other in online tournaments with real cash winnings and prizes for each game played.

In this period of time, however, it is not that the software Incredible Technology He is there to look at the success of his most famous title, far from it. In the 90s, 15 new game models were always released on the style launched by CA trackballpcom Bowling, which will however be marketed with the brand Strata, the most famous is “Strata Bowling”, but also famous “Golden Tee Golf II”, “Time Killers” “Arlington Horse Racing”e“BloodStorm”.

As you can easily imagine, all these games that we call cabinets today, precisely because of their characteristic of being inserted in wooden cabins placed in bars and games rooms, but from here at the casino the step was shorter than what you can to think. We obviously always speak of terrestrial casino, which, given the success of these types of games, want to insert them in their offer.

Incredible Technology lands in the mess Americans, English, Australians and New Zealanders, new games are still born and skill tournaments that come for the first game are also developed by exploiting the network, this time too the success is immense, games like Golden Tee Golf or the game of hunting Big Buck Hunter they are literally stormed Wherever there was a location.

Since then it has been a crescendo of updated titles and versions of the different games, famous the fourth generation of video bowling games, Silver Strike Bowling It is the first game of the genre in 3D, a real show not only for time players, but still today this game is operational in thousands of terrestrial structures all over the world, 13 years of uninterrupted success.