If there is a place voted by definition for fun, especially when it comes to gambling, this is certainly Las Vegas, “Sin City”, The city of sin, where everything is lawful (or almost) and where we go with a specific purpose, to spend evenings in the name of leisure and good life. We find ourselves immersed in gigantic gaming halls, obtained within mastodontic buildings with the most suggestive names, a place where trends and new projects related to international gambling are born, as in the case of software IGT.

That's right, this game platform was born in the city of vice. There International Game Technology, This is his name for extensive, is An all -American software house, born in 1990 in the famous Nevada city and started in style after very little time, with the intention of conquering all the game houses in the world with its charge of respectable technological innovation, an operation in which It is brilliantly successful.

Online casino list with IGT software

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List of online slot machines reviewed with IGT brand

Golden sphinx


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Treasures of the pyramids


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Treasure hunt


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The wild life


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The fact that the Casino list with IGT software It is not very nourished within the American market could take you off the road, for the simple reason that this is the result of a precise corporate policy, which over time has proved to be absolutely winning, namely that of not wanting to "edge" towards other gaming houses, but to establish a peaceful coexistence with them, contributing to the development of the increasingly numerous multi -platform mess.

This does not mean that IGT is present in some of the most fortunate ADM online casino in USA such as Netbet, EuroBet, Snai etc.

Casino IGT, a constant but discreet presence

To someone that of Software IGT It might seem like a somewhat strange choice, but the US production house has a long journey within the world of azarus behind him. This has allowed him to obtain a level of experience such as to make him make non -random choices, but reasoned around what are his strengths, quality and characteristics, which make it unique in its kind and perfectly able to live with Other platforms.

Long experience of IGT, because its origins must in fact be sought in the early 1950s, even if then officially the birth of the software for how we know it today is 30 years later. At the time the online casinos were not in anyone's mind, but the software house of Las Vegas began to take its first steps in what was a market in full evolution and which was able to dominate from the first moment.

The development of gambling in Nevada was so incredible, also thanks to the constant commitment that the designers and developers employed in always making and launching new ones on the market Games with IGT software, which range in the world of gambling in a total way, going from Betting at the various Lottery, very popular in the States even today, from roulette To SLOT It's you Video poker, true workhorse of the American house.

We will speak better after the influence that IGT has had throughout the Gambling sector, especially that of the United States regarding the world of poker, where Talk about IGT casino It is now the norm, given that this has placed itself for decades as a number one operator when it comes to terrestrial gamble but also online.

Not only that, the IGT race has only started from Nevada, which has not yet ended. After touching more than 100 countries in the world and having scored one success behind the other, he has also landed in USA for some years, where he managed to replicate his incredible successes, attracting great numbers of passionate supporters.

The mess with IGT software in the American market

As already said at the beginning of this piece, i Casino IGT in USA In fact, they are not many, for the reason already highlighted above, which sees the company wanting to position yourself as a valid alternative within the multi -software portals, at the current time we find on the American market, some mess with this software and many IGT games inserted inside Casino who also host other platforms.

What not everyone knows, is that the IGT brand for how we know it today, is the result of an union among several very strong brands, one of which is our local Lottomatica S.p.A. - lattomatic -while the other is the American GTECH Corporation, which was in turn melted In 2015 with the International Game Technology Inc., giving birth to a giant called International Game Technology Plc.

Today IGT has the main locations in Nevada as in USA, more hundreds of offices in every part of the world, reaching as an operator of great thickness when it comes to gambling and lotteries, being able to be potentially present inside each AAMS casino /American ADM under the most varied forms of fun, the software Igt You will find it in the casino Playtech Come Microgaming and so on.

Therefore, even though not being able to talk about pure American IGT casino On a large scale, we can also say that each American mess can be an IGT casino at least in part. The games of this operator are in fact present on many portals of the most varied types, both in the form of Betting, as Slot Machines, Video pokereRoulette, Baccarat e Black Jack and so on.

Those who do not know their production including Treasures of the pyramids o Treasure hunt?

Born mainly as a sports betting operator, the Software IGT It did not take long to make the big leap, thanks to having been conceived in a city like Las Vegas, where gambling is at home and where every evolution is easy to test in a very short time. This has led to 2 segments of the IGT games which still go for the major; Slot Machines and videopoker.

IGT software, excellent for slot and videopoker

Even if it is true that the Software IGT It embraces the 360 degree world of Gambling today, it is also true that the products on which it has focused most over time are slot machines and videopoker. These are the products that have generated the success of the American production house and those we will also talk about in the next lines.

In many cases it is thought that the slots have been the progenitors of the videopoker terminals. In the case of casino IGT This is not the case. As we mentioned above, the real diamond tip of the Las Vegas software house was actually the videopoker, introduced in American gaming homes in the mid -1980s by IGT herself.

If shortly before to keep up at the top of fun in the gaming halls there were more traditional betting and casino games, the new one IGT software creature He changing this scenario abruptly, to the point of becoming an important point of reference for this type of game in all the United States first and beyond Ocean then.

The slots were nothing more than the subsequent evolution of the videopoker who had started a raging in the IGT casinos, The main structure of the car was in fact the same, the very similar game modes, needless to say that the Nevada production house was about to score a further great success.