The name of gong gaming begins to circulate Starting from 2020, when a group of veterans of the gaming industry decide to combine forces to create a new subject and able to give an innovative push to the gambling sector. The company has its strengths in the ability to instill new air and creativity using a mathematical logic which is then translated into high quality products thanks also to the use of sophisticated and well optimized technologies, of which Genome Technology (The development platform created by this provider) represents a bright example. It is a valid and easy -to -use tool that makes games of games a much faster and easy process. The crowning of Gong Gaming's corporate mission consists in the creation of products aimed at entertainment that are of premium quality, both on the visual front, and on the level of gameplay and fun for users. The game category preferred by the creatives of this software house is undoubtedly that of video slots.


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The date that represents the turning point for this young team with offices in Sofia and Malta is certainly April 2021, When Gong Gaming officially signs an important collaboration agreement with the Microgaming, one of the most famous providers in the world. The first result of this partnership was the Slot Machine Inferno Gladiator, but in reality, the two companies had already worked together for two other machines, that is to say Skulls Heap e Pirate’s Quest.

A reduced but value catalog

Just these video slots allow you to synthesize in a very indicative way what are the characteristics that distinguish Gong Gaming titles. Inferno Gladiator, for example, is a slot machine that offers a very popular setting in the world of real money and entertainment in general, given that the action takes place In ancient Romenull With five three lines rollers, 25 payline, special Symbols of the Wild type, additional rounds with Sticky Wild (i.e. Wild that remain fixed until the end of the game mode) e winning multipliers up to 10x, Inferno Gladiator appears to be a fairly ordinary video slot, without shocking news and with a graphics that however appears to be excellent workmanship.

Considerations of the same tenor can be made about Skull’s Heap Which roughly proposes the characteristics of Inferno Gladiator with the difference that the game grid is a 6x4 and instead of traditional payline we have a system of combinations that allows over 4000 possible winning modes. More ambitious and original is instead Pirate’s Questnull The game in fact proposes many special functions, including the exclusive Level up mode. Basically, the players must do nothing but accumulate the Ship symbols (i.e. ship) to advance on the treasure map and thus conquer the richest prizes.

Currently, the number of games offered by Gong Gaming is equal to seven, but obviously being a software house that has been arising for just a couple of few years, it would be impossible to demand more. However, this provider has already guessed The importance of mobile gaming And this is the reason why all Gong Gaming games works without any problem On all types of devices, not only on desktop.

Of course, we cannot know what the future will reserve for us from Gong Gaming, however it is clear that this company has not indifferent potential. The slot machines made so far show off a graphics made with attention to details often accompanied by high thick music. The functions that characterize the gameplay of the games reveal the ability of the developers to generate entertainment, such as The presence of Side-Festst, or missions to be performed during the games that they overlap with normal game mode. As already underlined, nothing revolutionary is glimpsed in all this, but there are still enough elements to give life to something remarkable and able to tickle the curiosity of the public.