The activity of Gaming Realms It can be summarized in the development, distribution and concession of real money games via the Internet. In particular, the focus of this company is mainly aimed at mobile games, even if its catalog contains a variety of slot games, bingo and casual games. For the production of its titles, Gaming Realms uses a proprietary platform and the audience to which it is addressed is also expanded thanks to a series of partnership with other operators of the media and lottery sectors.

The original titles of this software house are designed in a series of studies scattered around the world, such as Victoria, the city of British Columbia, Canada, carrying out a tradition that has lasted for over 25 years and giving life to a combination of Innovative game mechanics and very famous brands. The goal that Gaming Realms arises is to grow the gambling industry focusing decisively on diversity, which is considered the key that allows you to provide players with satisfying experiencesnull All games are developed with full compatibility for all types of devices. Gaming Realms operates on the regulated markets of Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Sweden, USA and Malta and aims to launch also in Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Denmark. Among the partners, they report Betsson, William Hill, LeoVegas, Sony, Hard Rock e SG Gaming.


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Sling, when a hybrid becomes something unique

In the world of gambling, the Gaming Realms is known in particular for The Slolo brand, an original declination of games that in practice represent a mixture between slot machines and bingo (the term slingo, in fact, is the result of theUnion of words "slot" and "bingo")null In games of this kind, in practice, users launch a slot on which numbers will appear. In the upper part, however, it is placed A grid formed by 25 sectors with as many numbers. At each spin the numbers that match between slots and grid are deleted. To win, at least one row must be eliminated by five (both vertically and horizontally and diagonally): in this way the player creates a sling and advances in the ranking obtaining ever greater prizes.

In this type of games it is also possible to find special functions such as i simboli wild o i free spins. During the games the Jokers allow the player to remove numbers from the column on which they appear, while the Superjocer can cancel any number from the entire game grid. To this, the symbol of the devil is opposed, which instead represents an element to be avoided because it determines the blockage of some numbers that cannot thus be deleted. Slol games represent the first Bingo style game experiment but also compatible with mobile devices.

In total, today the catalog has about thirty games, including a blackjack table and some slot machines. The most recent addition is represented by Red Hot Slingo, a machine launched in September 2021, characterized by high volatility and the presence of the usual 5x5 grid and a 5x3 slot machine In the lower part where the symbols of the fruit and other special symbols appear. The functioning of the game is the traditional one, that is, it is necessary to delete five numbers files. The novelty, however, is represented by the fact that it is possible to obtain prizes also by creating combinations of three equal symbols on the slot machine. The Wild, Super Wild and Scatter were also included in the game: with three of the latter symbols the player will win a Free additional ridenull In the Red Hot Slingo, each game lasts 5 laps instead of traditional 10.

Thanks to the introduction of the slingings, Gaming Realms has managed to hit a goal that is often missed by many software house, that is to introduce gambling industry of unique news of their kindnull Even if in fact The bingo does not represent a revolution As it has already been invented decades ago, the idea of producing games with a mixed formula is certainly sufficient to give players that more thrill, an emotion that the games of other providers not always manage to guarantee due to an excessive tendenza to the crystallization of schemes For years now and often become stratii.