the software house di Gamesys Group It is one of the many realities born and grown in the United Kingdom that deal with 360 degrees Gambling, between sites that offer sports betting, slot machines, whole casino and bingo salt, scattered throughout England and most of Europe, where The company intends to establish a strong presence, going to undermine the dominance of the usual well -known.

To look at his results since 2001 when he saw the light, the papers in rule the software house of London has them and are all winning. With the 312 million dollars in winnings that are distributed every month by its circuit, the 6.4 billion dollars who in 2012 were spent on its sites, to the 25 million players active on the same and the 1,000 employees scattered in 51 nations, It has nothing to envy to best -known software houses.

Online casino list with Gamesys software

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List of online slot machines reviewed with the Gamesys brand

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With such numbers you can think that the Casino List with GameSys software It is very interesting to explore and that it is also inevitably intended to rise quickly, all sensations that are very close to today's reality, which sees the London house in a rapid expansion on all fronts, in particular that of slot machines.

Gamesys software, foreground innovation

It is certainly not one of the Among the youngest software house Gamesys, But if you go to see the gaming houses that also have the dominance of the world of world gambling today, a platform founded in 2001 is still a structure that undoubtedly still has a lot to say in terms of development technologies. In fact, it is just like that, the London house has a particularly futuristic vision of the sector on its side.

With this we absolutely do not want to say that the most famous houses sit on the laurels once reached the peak of success, but we want to clarify that a company with a much more modern setting as this can be, can introduce trendy innovations and changes Much faster than the most historic companies with well -firm roots in the tradition of gambling.

A lot of road that made by the Gamesys software

The growth of software Gamesys It materialized in a first online structure called Jackpotjoy, To continue with a whole series of Games and apps among the best in the world. A beautiful conquest for a project that on the spot seemed destined to remain confined to the English reality alone.

Already in 2006, just 5 years after his birth, Gamesys was appointed as the private technology company with faster growth by the Sunday Times. In the ranking of the following year he was still in the top 30, moreover his network of sites received various awards, including the prestigious EGR for Bingo e Slot Machine For 5 consecutive years.

Certainly the game of the bingo and the slots were the driving force of the GameSys project And even if, the production house today has enlarged its interests a lot, this type of games still reigns undisputed throughout its network of sites, first of which the already appointed Jackpotjoy, One of the largest bingo sites from all over the United Kingdom.

What do we have fun in the Gamesys casino? is the Bingo house par excellence throughout England, since its launch in 2001 it has grown so much that it has become one of the most famous online games sites throughout the English territory. In addition to the Bingo, this platform hosts a vast selection of games that see thousands of players every day in search of the JACKPOT that this brings with it.

It can be said that Jackpotjoy was the First real casino Gamesys, The first site that came to light and to which the company has always been very fond and which proposes games in flash mode since its debut.

We talked before Bingo, but Jackpotjoy is also the primacy of having been one of the first to propose the most classic games in his virtual rooms that in the United Kingdom up to that moment only depopulated on TV, one above all the equivalent of ours "Ok, the price is right", as well as the exclusive Jackpotjoy slots, one of the most popular free-to-play slots on Facebook.

The game on social media is another great peculiarity of the Casino with software Gamesys, because you can play exciting slot machines tournaments, collect virtual coins and experience points to unlock new slots directly from the inside of your favorite social network, which at the current moment can do very few operators.

But joining Jackpotjoy as soon as they also arrived other interesting projects, one of these is the Spanish company Botemania, among the greatest gaming sites from all over Spain, another is Starspins, reference point throughout England when it comes to slot, more it is Virgin Casino, evenings of great game directly from New Jersey, or again, Tropicana Casino, which brings with it the charm of the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino & Resort.