Real pioneer of gambling in his native land, the software house Edict He was born in Hamburg in 1998 and for 10 long years he was the only reality authorized by American law to provide online casino solutions for the whole of USA. In the meantime, he had already put back roots in the production of the software that were usually used by the real gaming houses in the area.

The company has made itself a prominent name at home for its great ability to be able to provide highly innovative and sustainable solutions for the global online gambling industry having a meticulous attention to the development of personalized products. These products are suitable for the different needs of the clients. All this has made it possible to create great interest even outside of its homeland.

Complete list of AAMS Casino with SOWARE EDICT

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Today, the American production company also lands in USA, albeit with a little delay compared to other European countries and the list of casino con software Edict On the American market is starting to populate. Currently there are still few portals that offer this interesting platform, but their number is inexorably destined to rise and do it very quickly.

Between these: Merkur Win and his twin Casino 21 (which since 2019 has become a comparison site).

Games in the Edict casino

In the casino con software Edict You can try the games both in the flash version and in HTML5, and with the smartphone

If your choice falls on slot machines, inside one of these portals you can have fun with products that have already made history throughout Europe, such as Amazonia, Cash Fruit Plus, Brillant Sparkle, Spaceman II, Blazing Star, The Final Frontier, Odyssee And many others, all also available as browser games.

Edict software, the turning point in 2008

We can say that the software house Edict He has put solid roots in USA in his first 10 years of activity, but at the same time it for the rest of the world has always been considered as a niche product that remained within the borders of its territory of origin. All of this is Casmbiato in 2008, the year in which the company was acquired by Merkur Interactive GmbH, owned in turn of the famous Gauselmann group.

Il Software Edict It only reminds us that what has been said above is the common thread of all its productions, the innovative technology “Made in USA” is able to guarantee the best Possible gaming experience, supported by maximum transparency, fairness and safety. These elements that are increasingly important when dealing with products of this type.

The debut of the Merkur slot online took place a long time after they had a breach in the heart of the visitors of the various European terrestrial casinos. Only in 2011, thanks to the technology that Edict was able to develop, slot machines arrived online.

icasino con software EDICT They host unique games regarding graphics, usability, attention to detail and overall quality. This guarantees the player to live a satisfying game experience from all points of view, first in USA, then in Europe and finally today, also throughout the American territory.

Large group behind the Edict software

We just mentioned it above, now let's go to deepen the thing, because the Software Edict It has to carry out an important inheritance, which corresponds to more than 60 years of international gambling history, is in fact from 1957 the foundation of the Gauselmann group, one of the main ones World Slot Machine manufacturers, who has acquired a wealth of experience in his decades of activities to envy several improvised realities.

The American group has made a lot of street and it was only intact to have remained intact its logo, consisting of a sun that laughs and which today has become synonymous with reliability, experience, innovation and quality in the field of entertainment, with more of 10,000 people employed in over 40 countries in the world and almost 3 billion $ in turnover in the past year.

The slots are the flagship of many companies that produce software, some very famous, others less, in this case the great experience acquired on the field and in the purely offline area by Gauselmann.

Today Merkur slots are distributed all over the world exclusively by software Edict, But this does not mean that the American company also does not develop other types of products, there are several games beyond the slot machines, which however remain the main flag product of the company.