With over 200 games, the software from Cryptologic It was one of the best casino software until a few years ago.

How can you read on Wikipedia, in 2012 Cryptologic was acquired by AMAYA (to find Here the Amaya casinos) - now known as The Stars Group - which has absorbed technologies, products and platforms. There are no longer Cryptologic online casino in the sense in which we were used to knowing, since both brand and technologies have been sold.

The article below is therefore obsolete, but we keep it for those who in ten years will remember the games of the Cryptologic and want to relive the emotion of when he was a boy.

Cryptologic casino have decided to make themselves still desired

The list of game platforms is constantly evolving, some very famous, but there are equally famous and qualitatively superior, which, however, have not yet managed to break through in the world of local gambling, remaining almost unknown to most, one of these is precisely the software Cryptologic.

All this is simply due to the fact that theAAMS He has not yet approved the major casino with Cryptologic software To operate in USA, although this platform has all the credentials to support all the most famous software that currently depopulate in American territory.

This is a real shame because the Software Cryptologic is a platform that really made the history of international gambling, thanks to his presence on the market since 1995, when the online casinos were still at the dawn in the world and in USA it was not yet well known what we went to talk.

The Cryptological production house can therefore be defined without a doubt a real veteran of international online gambling, which has built its fame around a highly qualitative product for graphics, playability and safety, reaching the podium of the first 5 World Casino Software Suppliers.

Cryptologic casino will soon make the difference

The Cryptologic software is qualitatively too significant in order not to land as soon as possible in the panorama of American Gambling, the American ones are very demanding players and a valid alternative such as being Playing a Cryptologic casino must necessarily become a very early reality.

AAMS certainly cannot remain indifferent to the growing interest of local players towards this interesting platform, the thirst for novelty is so much and introduce casino with Cryptologic software in the national market, it means making something new, which translates into a further increase of the revenue for the increasingly thin state coffers.

Cryptologic was born essentially as software for online payments, so the safety It is his workhorse From birth, from here the step to land at online casinos was very short and almost natural.

An internal control system on the safety of the various operations and the privacy of the players, consecrate the Software casino Cryptologic on the list of portals among the most protected in the world, which together with his other valuable characteristics have made Cryptologic landed at Nasdaq, since 2000.

The enormous variety of games, technological innovation, graphic quality, the originality of its offer, complete the panorama of what without a shadow of a doubt will be, in an imminent future, the most direct competitor of software such as Playtech and Microgaming null

Casino with Cryptologic software

The luck of Casino Cryptologic is certainly largely due to the extreme degree of reliability that they carry behind by nature, but all this to the ending is not enough, he wants to go immediately to the action and have a game experience, as well as sure also beautiful and to remember.

With the Cryptologic software this need is widely respected and often overcome, thanks to the possibility of an almost infinite choice of games, while we are writing The list of Cryptologic casino games exceeds 280 units, But it is constantly and continuously updated.

Great and appreciated value of the software Cryptologic It is the incredible ease of personalization of games themselves, which manages to return a truly original and modeled product on the precise requests of each different reality.

The result is an exceptionally beautiful, refined, realistic graphics, topic effects, ease of navigation, lightness of the client, not by no slowdown problem in any phase of game of finds, everything flows in a very fluid and fast way.

Caryptologic's client support is also one of the most appreciated ones From players around the world, always ready and efficient, available to solve any doubt or any problem for 24h per day.

As you can see the reasons to decide to experiment with a casino with Cryptologic software are not lacking, the basic interest on the American market has already been there and it is constantly increasing, it remains to see how much the AAMS will put to approve a platform Which in our humble opinion will immediately begin to build nourished row of fans of admirers.

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