Surprising graphics and compelling feeling: here are the characteristics of the games produced by Cristaltec Spa and available on, site created by Cristaltec Entertainment S.r.l., company of the Cristaltec group.

The company, after establishing both in USA and abroad for the production of AWP appliances and in the conception of successful games intended for them, has subsequently entered the VLT sector and finally on the online market market at a distance game, Following the acquisition of the American branch of an international group, becoming a dealer authorized by ADM (Monopoly Agency, editor's note). This operation led to the birth of the portal


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Slot machines produced by Cristaltec

Devil girl


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7 on fire


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The clown


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Classic blackout


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This change of denomination, of course, determined the landing on the web of some Made in Cristaltec titles and initially launched exclusively on, trying to "convert" the loyal land slots and Vlt players of Cristaltec, in the world of online casino. To do this, the company has maintained its style and factors that produced the success of this brand in the AWP field unchanged. It is a very important goal for a reality born in 2004 and which makes USA one of the main reference markets, together with Spain.

The Cristaltec games and their characteristics The club has launched its first slot machines and Vlto in the world of online, initially, exclusively on Currently the offer consists of 14 models, but the company has already announced the arrival of other games that are about to obtain certification and, therefore, will soon land on casinomania and later on the best gad of the market, with the production of Two games a month. Among the news just released we point out the Billy the Kid slot machine, a game inspired by the adventures of a legendary Far West pistoler with the buy bonus mode.

The other Vlto and Slot Machine of Cristaltec already playable in online casinos are:

• Mystic Ocean

• Billy The Kid Bank Heist

• Princess

• 7 Diamond

• Arizona

• Vampire

• hen of Egypt

• Genius

• Ghost Castle

• The Magic Illusion

• Egyptian Mythology

• hen of Egypt Classic

• Ghost Castle Classic

• Classic Blackout

All games have various common characteristics, i.e. a medium-high payline number (generally around 25 units), RTP around 95% and the presence of special symbols such as the Wild, the Scatter, which activate the Game mode with free laps, and bonus symbols that activate the bonus game. Similar considerations can be made about the graphic and sound aspect: the slot machines of Cristaltec highlight a good combination of aesthetic factors such as 3D graphics, animations with very elaborate chromatic effects and abundance of bright colors. The soundtracks of the games effectively accompany games without being intrusive or annoying. With these games, moreover, it is also possible to play from Mobile.

Given the great prolific of Cristaltec and the constant pace with which this provider brings new games to the market, it is legitimate to expect that in the near future there is assisting the arrival of other models. On the other hand, the recent operation, which led to the birth of, indicates the intention of Cristaltec to engage more in the production of online slot machines, thus attracting the attention of American players who prefer to have fun via the Internet.