Speed, concreteness and innovation are the three main qualities of Apartments, an oriental team dedicated to the development of online casino games that proposes itself as a reality capable of identifying the tastes of customers and trends taking place on the global market. The professionals who operate in this company are united by the tendency to shock from the traditional style of thought and to adopt a more open spirit for newsnull The declared goal of CQ9 consists in achieving a leadership position in the gaming industry and to crown this purpose he gave birth to a catalog of Games developed in HTML5 which includes about a hundred titles.


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A branched offer: slot machines, live casino, sports betting

During its existence, the CQ9 has signed numerous products of various types. This brand, in fact, has linked its name first of all to a platform aimed at sports bookmakers. CQ9 Sportsbook It represents a reliable, safe sports betting platform and with a very high amount of sport, so as to make CQ9 one of the reference providers for the Asian market. The software developed by the developers allows you to host thousands of predictions also in live mode And a manual and automatic monitoring system offers a high safety standard for both operators and users. The sites that lean on CQ9 Sportsbook can offer, over a month, Up to 5000 live football events of over 100 different championships and about 18000 types of bets. As for other sports, however, there is almost 2000 live events and about 3000 types of predictions for events such as Olympics, Winter Olympics, American football, football world cup and much more.

No less fruitful was the decision to explore the casino games market with live formula. CQ9 gave birth to a platform to play online with royal Croupier who uses HTML5 technology and offers the player a total of 30 tables open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. On a technical level, the platform was praised for the stability of the transmissions and the fluidity of the video images. The games are available on both Windows and on Mobile systems such as Android and iOSnull The proposed tables include very traditional games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Roulette also proposed with different variants.

If, on the other hand, we look at the games with RNG and in particular to the slot machines, we can see how the developers have actually put in place a lot of imagination, giving rise to rather interesting products with original solutions. This is the case for example of Hot Dj, a musical -themed video slot that offers 6 rollers with four lines and beyond 4000 possible winning combinationsnull In the main game mode of Hot DJ, the function of cascade symbols is active which in practice determines the removal of the symbols that have produced a win and their replacement with others, but with a particular mechanics some symbols in fact have the blue frame and when They are winning are colored yellow. If in turn the symbols with the yellow frame are winning, they will become Wild expansion which will cover the entire roller. The free spins bonus is also available in the game which assigns between 10 and 20 free games.

Finally, CQ9 has launched King Kong Shake, an original reinterpretation of the Fruit Machine genre. It is a 3x3 machine which, however, sees the presence of a fourth roller placed laterally which contains 1x multipliers to 15x which will be applied to each winning combination. The gameplay of this video slot, in truth, is quite simple and does not provide for the presence of any bonuses but the intention by CQ9 is clear to give life to a game without particular complications, but still with a touch of originality that makes everything more interesting.