BetGames It was founded in 2012 and its main headquarters is located in Vilnius, the capital of the former Soviet Republic of Lithuania, but can also count on an important development center in Malta and out of a total of over 250 employees from a little bit of everything the world. Betgames is a reliable and renowned software house in the gaming sector for the production of Real money games with Royal Croupier. Thanks to the value and innovation of its titles, this company has also received numerous awards at an international level. Betgames works by collaborating with over 130 commercial partners and its games are present in More than 1300 gambling sites as well as in numerous terrestrial game rooms.

The vision that guides Betgames developers consists in producing gods games that must be must-haves giving life to a unique entertainment category of its kind. Introducing innovations in the genre of live online games, in fact, can be considered the true mission that animates the activity of this software house. Betgames, in fact, creates A bridge between the gameplay of sports betting and that of casino games, all by always keeping an eye on crucial aspects such as the players' safety.

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From lottery to game shows, fun with Betgames is always live!

The production of Betgames can be divided into three main categories: Classic games, lottery and game shows. Regardless of the type, however, the constant element is represented by the fact that they are always games with the presence of a Croupier or a presenter, a human figure who in practice describes what the player will see on the screen. In the first group, in reality, alongside very famous games and traditionally much loved by players such as Baccarat, you can find much less ordinary titles than usual. This is the case for example of theInside, inspired by an ancient Indian card game from which it draws the name. In truth, the gameplay of this game is marked by maximum simplicity: the dealer fishing a card and the player must place a bet and decide whether, based on the value, a subsequent card will appeal to the row called going or to that bahar. Very interesting and by the elementary regulation also the Duel says Which is literally a battle between two dice of different color in which the player on each hand will have to bet on one of the two or on the draw.

Among the game shows, however, Betgames is probably the only provider in the world to have designed a real money version of one of the oldest and most famous pastimes, namely the Morra Chinese o Rock, Paper, Scissors (Stone, paper, scissor, to put it to American). In the version conceived by Betgames, the gestures that are generally carried out with hands are replaced by cards. In this game, a duel between the counter and the player who takes place takes place according to the classic rules: The scissor paper beat the paper, the paper beats the stone and the stone beats the scissor.

As already underlined, one of the characteristics that Betgames holds in particular is The extreme simplicity of the game mechanics of their titles, up to almost touched banality in some cases. To act as a side dish, there is still a painstaking attention to details relating to graphics and, above all, to the settingnull The rooms where the games take place, in fact, are tastefully furnished and with a certain elegance, probably to encourage the player the impression of being in a real casino. The Croupier themselves always have an orderly appearance and always manage to make the games much more interesting than what happens in games without dealers. On a technical level, the games are multifaceted as they can turn both on desktop and on various mobile devices.
Betgames is very active in Europe and its games have been authorized for use in USA (for example in the online casino of Stanleybet), Malta, United Kingdom, Estonia and Bulgaria.