the software house Bet Digital, he made his debut in the world of Gambling online in 2011, the year in which he saw the light in the prestigious city of Oxford, home of the best universities in the world and apparently also talents as regards the development of new technologies. This production house is the result of more than 50 years of experience on the field of producers and developers.

Born mainly to meet the growing needs of the United Kingdom game market, now present in USA in the Casino important legal ones such as Starcare, the Bet Digital casino in a very short time have imposed themselves thanks to the great quality of their products, capable of adapting and integrating easily on multiple platforms, thus coming to provide a very complete offer both as regards the terrestrial gambling and that Online.

Online casino list with Bet Digital software

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The English house has made great strides in a few years, soon becoming an important actor in the international Gambling market. There Casino list with Bet Digital software However, it is still quite limited, especially as regards the Aams/Adm legal casino market, which, as we well know, does not excel in terms of speed when we talk about the introduction of new game platforms.

The Games of the Casino Bet Digital

The English software house brings a lot to the reality of the legal casino games with its uninhabitable innovations, its powerful game engine on the one hand and the multi-platform interface on the other worthy of a true sector leader. THE casino Bet Digital They have their own life, with exclusive games.

The English production company manages to range a lot among the construction of systems for online gaming platforms, furniture and terrestrial, but not only. His decades of experience in the sector and the many successful products on the market consecrate Bet Digital as a first choice partner for the largest gambling companies in the world, who are also starting to insert the products made within the offer in their offer structure.

In the portals of this kind there are titles such as Caesars Palace, City of Gold, Fantastic Fruits, Royal Gems, Shamrock Surprise, Big Money Bingo And many others, super colorful machines, rich in special effects in 3D.

Bet Digital software, concentrate of technology

The main strength of the software house Bet Digital, It is undoubtedly its owner technology, which takes the name of “SistemX” e“GRID” And which represent a multi -platform integration system and a very flexible game engine respectively, which allow the British production company, to have a considerable advantage on other software house.

This species as regards the timing, as, having a proprietary and very complete technology as in this case, allows the Oxford company to be able to create a new game, integrate it with any supported platform and launch it on the market in an arc of Really enviable time, there are not many production houses in the world that manage to do this.

It was his primary quality that arouse the interest of the major international players in the sector, who approached the software Bet Digital, because they understood that this allows easy integration on the different platforms, allows you to better manage all compliance requirements and guarantees that the games arrive on the market very quickly.

A requirement that of the speed of release, very current, especially in a market segment such as that of the online game, where the various gaming houses are warned to those who arrive first with the latest novelty of the moment, i casino con software Bet digital They can really make the difference, allowing those who implement them, to get rid of competition by beating it over time.

In fact, it should not be forgotten that, in addition to the part of integration and everything related to third -party games, the English software house also develops quality games internally, which are then distributed to all the main operators of Gambling platforms throughout the world, we will return better soon on this aspect.

The jewels of the Bet Digital software

Let's go back to talking about the technology that underlies the software Bet Digital And we analyze more closely what they represent on the market “SistemX” e“GRID”, Because these are truly the heaviest revolution in the world of online gambling in recent years.

Systemx is the multi -platform interface owner of the English software house, which allows each game to operate on many platforms through a common interface, minimizing the development and quality control resources. Easily updated for emerging markets and new terrestrial structures, it is supported at any time by the online service and has been abundantly tested to guarantee its stability even after updates of the customer operator system.

Grid is instead the quick development framework of games from casino Bet Digital, it is easily configurable via XML file and allows developers to produce very small times games.

Completely integrated with Systemx for an even faster integration of the platform, Grid is a game engine that succeeds in just a week and two days, to release a new game on the market, because the first week the game is adequately tested, but after This phase everything happens in a very fast way.

with the software Bet Digital The game is sent to the platform and the next day the same is already on the market and perfectly usable, therefore you understand that a production house like this, makes a lot of throat to the various realities that have been on the market for several years and that must always invent something new quickly to counter competitors.