Speaking of historical companies in the world of international gambling, the software Barcrest He certainly has a lot to say, given his long -lived activity in this market, in fact he dates back to 1968 the birth of Barcrest Group Limited In England near Manchester, a nation where he developed solid bases as regards creativity and innovation, which he also brought to the rest of Europe.

For over 40 years, Barrrest has been a driving force of the European fun industry, with its skills it has been able to provide customers with exceptional products, developed and tested according to the highest standards and supported by a constant commitment in assistance, In short, all prerogatives worthy of a large sector player, but why then are we talking to the past?

Online casino list with barrved software

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List of online slot machines reviewed with Barcrest brand

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For the simple reason that today, the Casino List with Barcret software It is in further development, we talked to the past not because the company no longer exists today, but has known an expansion thanks to its insertion in an even larger reality. In 2011 the Barcrest Group was purchased by Scientific Games Corporation, Company also with an important historicity, this time, however, in the American gambling.

So what do you play in the Barcrest Casino?

Despite the strong partnership between the two English and American software house has given rise to a single large "container" which takes the name of Scientific Games Corporation, it remains difficult for us not to Talk about Barcrest Games Even today, for the above reasons, the games made on this platform maintain their identity even if they have been inserted in a wider context. To play them in USA, just connect to Lottomatica.it, one of the most popular legal online gaming platforms.

Il software Scientific Games has created 3 main divisions of its products, which are grouped in; Gaming, Lottery e Interactive.

He smiles to think about the fact that Scientific Games has created the first instantaneous game in the world in 1974 and has never stopped since then. The lotteries have evolved over time to arrive in online casinos and therefore directly in the houses of players around the world.

However, we said that Scientific Games is a large container of various software. The lotteries are in fact only a beautiful slice of its general offer, but undoubtedly not the only one, within this gigantic platform we will also find the card games, such as the Blackjack, Baccarat, Banco Punto, but also Poker, Roulette, Craps or even play with a purely flavor Arcade.

But to do the part of the gambling queens in this case too there are them, the Slot Machine, unchallenged dominators among all the games of online and offline casino, A type of game capable of making the beauty and bad weather of any software house, great games Success inside the Barcrest Casino And that today they are re -proposed in this new guise.

Da Barcrest a Scientific Games Corporation

That occurred between the software Barcrest And Scientific Games Corporation was a real fusion that gave birth to a completely new project, which brought to England a breath of novelties deriving from the American software house. Born in 1973 in Las Vegas, a cradle of gambling and place among the most attentive to the development of the same, he put a lot of experience at stake, while on the other, the American market was able to touch the charm of Gambling style more closely British.

Let's dwell for a moment on Scientific Games Corporation, to understand how, the Nevada software house has made the history of terrestrial gambling and online in its over 40 years of activity. Game yes from “Sin City” e Developing through 6 continents, it has 8,400 employees scattered in its locations all over the world today: a 2.8 billion dollar giant

This to give an idea of what it meant for the software of BARCREST Get in touch with this new reality, while keeping its operational identity intact. To understand better, the Barcrest games have been inserted within Scientific Games, but still maintain their brand today, which immediately identifies them also by the less attentive eye.

It must be said, however, that i casino Barcrest They were not the only ones who were purchased and included in the global scientific games offer. The American house has a long list of more or less famous software to its assets that over the years have become part of this great project, first of all the famous Bally TechnologieseWMS Industries, known to the general public of slot machines enthusiasts.

As for slot, there are machines that the software Barcrest He made it very famous in the world of terrestrial gambling. Two of all are Rainbow Riches e Monty's Millions, well these same machines, like hundreds of others of their peer, have been taken and redesigned completely for the online game by Scientific Games.

Casino Barrrest to conquer the web

That of Software Barcrest, is a splendid example of history that does not stop with the acquisition by a larger operator, on the contrary, this partnership from even more strength to one of those who has been for tens of years one of the most appreciated producers of playing machines for the industry of fun in the United Kingdom and in Europe, until he landed first beyond Ocean and then online, not losing his identity.

A story of great successes that of Barcrest, which over time has not only been able to attack a much wider terrestrial market with its offer of multi-games video games, game terminals based on servers and SWP game cabins, going to enter also in the Bars, pubs, game rooms and private American clubs, but with Scientific Games he also had the necessary push to break through in the difficult online gambling market.

About the Slot Machine de Burcirest These have been joined by a whole series of games in which Scientific Games has always been an undisputed leader, we are talking about the segment of Lottery, not only those of more traditional imprint, but also and above all of interactive and instant lottery games, style Scratch and win To be understood.

A great capillarity that of Scientific Games regarding this specific sector. The games of the large American production house are found everywhere, in the terrestrial casinos, as in bars, in real game rooms as in online casinos, in short, when you want to play a lottery of any kind, it doesn't matter which channel you choose, scientific Games is there waiting for you with its immense proposal.

With the passage of time, players have become increasingly demanding especially regarding the issue of offline safety, but even more since online casinos have made the boom. Also on this side the American software house has invested and continues to do it in a rather heavy way, the innovative technology that underlies its products guarantees a level of absolute reliability.