Company with a really important historicity, the software Bally It is one of those 4 brands that have been acquired by Scientific Games Corporation, American Gambling giant online and of which we find ourselves several times to talk about the pages of this site, but which has also managed to keep his identity and his particularities intact that made him distinguish during his longevy existence.

What we simply know today as Bally, It is the result of various transformations that the company has undergone over time: being born back in 1932 with the name of Bally Manufacturing, then evolving in Bally Entertainment and passing through Bally Technologies, Going to touch various segments of the entertainment market, starting with flipper, continuing with video games, slot machines and much more.

Online casino list with Bally Software

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All this has led the American production house over time to create a real Casino list with Bally Software, going from the most classic games of cards, to modern lotteries, slots and arcade games, too much was the interest aroused by the software house born in Chicago by the Scientific Games, To the point that he wanted to acquire it at any cost.

The Bally software among the magnificent 4

We said it at the beginning, Scientific Games Corporation It is a giant who wants all the best in circulation when it comes to gambling. The acquisition of the Bally software We combine the other 3 operations scored by the famous Nevada production house, which have seen 3 other great prestigious players enter the great container.

Then the software Bally It is one of those elements that has contributed to decreeing the great planetary success of the Scientific Games Corporation, A success that began many years ago and that grows more every year, thanks to the great experience put in place by every single game house, one of those cases where union really makes strength.

But to better understand the reasons for the great success of each of the elements that have gone to constitute the great project, a leap in time must be made, when l’attuale software house Bally he still brought the original name of Bally Manufacturing Corporation, founded on January 10, 1932 by Raymond Moloney for the creation of Flipper games.

Curious to know that the name of the company was adopted only after what was in all respects his first creature, the name of his first game was in fact that of Bally Hoo, which consequently gave the name to the entire company, based in Chicago, which quickly became one of the main games of the country's games.

But that of the flipper was a business that had already been tightened to the newborn software house Bally Manufacturingnull In fact, it did not spend much time that the Chicago house began to manufacture equipment for gambling, focusing in particular on those mechanical slot machines that will soon become the central pivot on which all the gambling will revolve in the immediate future.

Bally Manufacturing, however, was not limited to the production of FlippereSlot machine, but also began to create bingo machines, terminals for payments and vending machines of all kinds, the enthusiasm for its productions even pushed the American production house to venture also in the world of music with its record label.

The incredible evolutions of the Bally software

A race that of Bally Virfacting really fast and with various changes in the course of the first 20 years of life. This path even led it to the production of ammunition and parts of planes during the Second World War, a change of course that led nothing good to the original project, to the point that the house was detected in 1963 by a group of investors, after his own ruinous failure.

This was the beginning of a new era for the software Bally, who returned to focus on what he knew how to do better: the production of slot machines. The slots in fact, they returned to being the “core business” of the company, which allowed him to return to dominate the sector, conquering over 90% of the world market and establishing a very important record.

The authorship of the first electromechanical slot machine is in fact assigned to software Bally, this was called “Money Honey” And it was a real revolution for the entire terrestrial gambling sector of the time. This contributed to giving further push and prestige to the Chicago production company, to the point of becoming a company listed on the stock exchange.

A very flourishing period which led to a subsequent transformation of the brand, which changed several names in the years to come. The only thing to remain intact is the great quality at the basis of this brand, its innovation and safety that have made it more and more famous all over the world.

It was the end of the 1970s, when in the world of gambling we begin to hear Talk about Casino Bally, the period in which the game to Atlantic City was legalized in New Jersey. Here that the myth of Bally definitively consecrates with the opening of the first terrestrial casino of the company, the Park Place Casino & Hotel, dated 29 December 1979.

Casino Bally, from Reale to virtual

In the wake of this first great success, i Terrestrial Casino Bally begin to multiply And not only conquer the players of Atlantic City, but also those of Reno and nearby Las Vegas, cot of fun and place where gambling is at home, creating mega structures capable of hosting thousands of players per day, one long trail of successes that still persists today.

The great resorts with Hotel and Casino Bally are always active in Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, but the Chicago production house since the late 1970s had also targeted the growing domestic computer games market. They then proposed a series of arcade games that have become legend, 3 of which are names that are hardly forgotten; Space Invaders, Pac-Man e Ms. Pac-Man.

Are the 80s as much as the Bally software enters the myth and highlights roots for its imminent expansion, which starts very quickly, thanks also to the acquisition of parallel companies that produced in particular Slot machine eVideo poker, market segments which, in addition to Flipper and to the games Arcade, they made the fortune of the American software house.

A tradition that has been handed down for generations that of the Bally brand, a software that has brought its cutting -edge technology, the quality of the proposals, product safety and the involvement of the players on the market, to the point of being adopted by the largest international market player for their land game rooms and today, thanks to Scientific Games Corporation, even virtual.

All this has been taken, inserted in a "package" special from Scientific Games Corporation, and reworked to be used online.