Certainly not famous like the sacred monsters of international gambling microgaming and Playtech, the software Amaya He arrived inside the American mess on tiptoe and almost imperceptiblely, he slipped into the houses of American players without even realizing them. In fact, you too, like many other players, will surely have come into with some game of this platform without having noticed it.

It is common nowadays, being inside a mess that hosts multiple software and starting to play a type of game that strikes us without going to worry about its origin. There are so many competitors at the present time, that it would be difficult to stay behind each of them and the industrial quantity of games that manage to churn out from one month to the next, so, it is very likely that you have come into with this company e You still don't know.

Online casino list with Amaya software

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List of online slot machines reviewed with Amaya brand

King kong


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Samurai princess


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Monte Cristo


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Frogs and flies


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Based on what has been said, in the Casino list with Amaya software You will also find portals that you know well, like NetbeteBig, which host various types of software inside, including that of the Canadian company subject to this review. Born in the early 2000s and to date with a list of not indifferent successes, both as regards the quality of the products and their constant updating.

Safety and playability of the Amaya software

Leading requirements in today's global Gambling market, are the safety and playability of the various products, topics in which i Casino with Amaya software They certainly have a lot to offer, thanks to the constant and continuous search for perfection that distinguishes the Canadian house since its inception.

The success of this first production was so great that the famous immediately brought PokerStars to buy the license of this software, thus opening the doors to an all -round Amaya development regarding world gambling, not only thus limiting itself to poker, but ranging far and wide among the various segments of the flourishing market.

All this, it being understood that poker has been the for many years True strength of the Amaya software. In fact, a special recognition by the prestigious also went to the house of Toronto Guinness World Record, for making the poker tournament with the highest number of participants in history, 225,000 players.

As we said, however, poker was only a starting point, which made the software house known throughout the globe and which given it the push to expand its offer also in other directions, to date i casino Amaya they are a reality which sees games of all kinds inside, from roulette al Baccarat, dal Bblackjack al craps, give her Slot machine Ai Video poker, there are more than 300 types of games available.

Finally, great attention has been paid to the slot machine segment, the slot con software Amaya.

Here too the creativity is not lacking and Amaya comes to develop truly captivating slots machines like Frogs and flies, Monte Cristo o Samurai princess .

The Amaya software acquires Cryptologic

The strength of the software Amaya It lies in the fact that he managed to make alliances with important international brands not necessarily linked to the world of azadal, as well as absorbing already existing software in the Panorama of Gambling, one of the most relevant acquisitions was certainly the one that saw merged in the Amaya structure a Software like Cryptologic's.

Cryptologic was a super known platform by gambling enthusiasts, niche software that had a fairly follow -up and that being merged into Amaya has done nothing but feed it even more, thanks to the greater potential that the Canadian production company He made him available, assigning new resources to allow him to get to the general public.

But Cryptologic was not the only important acquisition made by software Amaya, others have followed and some are still at stake today. The expansion of this software house seems unstoppable, even if we in USA do not yet warn its disruptive because arrived too recently, we will soon be invaded by Amaya games.

In addition to the various software that became part of this large family, other types of collaborations have been placed and whose results are for all to see. One of this was the alliance with the film production company Paramount Pictures, but the agreement is equally important close with the Warner Bros, which led to the creation of truly excellent products.

Market that is not easy at all that of our country, where all "insiders" They must submit to severe legislative rules, especially as regards the safety side, a topic where the Canadian production company has a lot of to boast of.

From Canada to the whole world

Was born in the most populous city of Canada there Amora of Amaya software, where he came to light in 2000 and after 5 years he is already under the eyes of the public around the world, with his productions that are distinguished immediately as regards the game of poker.

In 2000 i Casino Amaya were not in anticipation, what was the task of the newly formed Canadian company was Develop a platform dedicated to poker game, which as we have seen was done perfectly and indeed it turned into the greatest fortune of this software house, which started from here and spread to every sector of international gambling.

The first Gambling market touched by Amaya it was obviously that americano, either for the proximity to Canada, either for the fact that in the USA gambling has always gone strong, you still want because the States are increasingly receptive than the rest of the world, this platform has had incredibly development on the American continent Quick, going to occupy the first places in a very short time.

From here to the conquest of Europe also the step was short. In the blink of an eye i Casino with Amaya software They began to be a reality with which the most famous production houses had to go to clash, no longer only for the game of poker, but for the all -round gambling.