In all likelihood, if you are in the world of Gambling from not much, certainly the first software you have heard of are the most common Playtech, Microgaming, Nenent and so on. Therefore appointing il software Ainsworth most likely nothing comes to mind. This is because, in USA it is not a platform yet known, or at least it is not by the general public.

For long -standing enthusiasts instead, to mention the name of Ainsworth Game Technology It can bring to mind a whole series of types of entertainment led by poker, a market segment where the Australian company, born in Newington in 1995, has always been particularly voted, but certainly not the only one. There are in fact numerous titles regarding slot machines and various other similar products.


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List of online slot machines reviewed with Ainsworth brand

There are currently no slots for this provider.

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Today the Casino list with Ainsworth software It is highly developed as regards the land sector far and wide for the United States, for example we can find in USA SnaieWilliam hill.

Ainsworth casino games also on social media

Also in this case we are faced with a reality that we have already met several times during our reviews. The big world game houses, before or after, all turn to a type of game like the slots and put it as their workhorse in the turnover race, the reason is very simple, this is the most appreciated game ever in Every corner of the earth.

It is perfectly normal therefore that even i casino Ainsworth are mainly focused on slots. This does not mean that these also have other types of play inside, among them the arcade games and multi-games terminals, stations from which you would never want to come away so much is the offer in one and unique "container".

But in all this the world of online casinos? Don't worry i casino AINSWORTH They are also in a virtual version, but in this specific area, what really makes news is their integration with the main social networks, which to date have managed to do really few.

The Australian production house was one of the few to guess the tendency of social networks such as Facebook, to maintain users as much as possible within its platform, therefore decided to exploit this feature that in all respects at the beginning it could seem Instead somewhat limiting.

If Facebook does not like the mess we advertising on the platform to bring people to their portals, then they will be casino AINSWORTH To enter the social network, creating a system that allows users to be able to play without having to leave the social network, a real revolution this, which has recently started but that will make its weight felt throughout the near future of world gambling.

Ainsworth software, from Australia to the rest of the world

It was the distant 1995, when a Leonard Ainsworth, Passionate poker player, the idea of creating a personalized platform came, putting all his resources and knowledge in the short resources to life to what was a first taste of the odierno software Ainsworthnull However, the first results did not prove to be particularly satisfactory and the processing of the platform as we know it today put some time before establishing itself.

After several years of failures and continuous changes of course, the software Ainsworth Finally it reaches a level of improvement that points out to the vast audience of Australian bettors, it is here that it really begins to take the first steps from the market leader of the market, which in a short time also leads him to want to attack the flourishing American market.

This market is quite avant -garde already in unsuspected times, with different production houses born and grown on the spot that attracted several market bands. Despite this, the software of Ainsworth manages to impose himself Also in the home of the great players and renowned American software house, conquering increasingly consistent market shares.

Ainsworth's goal is very ambitious: his company has as its supreme end to become the main producer and supplier of game solutions for the entire US gambling market before and worldwide. Company still in progress today but which could be materialized in the imminent future thanks to the extraordinary game technology that underlies this software.

the software race AINSWORTH It is still in full swing, its game solutions continue to expand overseas, with a particular focus on the United States and South America, where there has always been a greater development. However, the company also operates in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe, countries where it has established exceptional leadership.

software Ainsworth

The vision of Ainsworth Game Technology has always been very clear, the idea is to provide innovative and high quality game solutions globally, which are satisfied with all the parts on the field, playing houses on the one hand, e on the other hand users, who in casino con software Ainsworth They will have the opportunity to find a complete 360 degree offer for everything related to the best of international azarus.

In fact, Ainsworth is a very complete and managed proposal for its entirety inside the parent company, in fact, the game machines and every type of equipment and related service, is entirely designed, developed, produced and distributed by Ainsworth same, without intermediaries, as often happens in the world of Gambling.

Therefore rely on the Ainsworth software It means having a very complete service available, ranging from design, development, assembly test, sales and field assistance, therefore the entire product cycle, from conception to installation, to assistance is totally managed by the house of Australian production, this is a nice advantage that eliminates at the basis of time waste typical of operations combined between several parts.

Born substantially as a software per il poker, Ainsworth It is now known all over the world mainly for its cabinets, famous is the series of products that takes the name of A600, bar games and game rooms that contain different types of fun inside, in addition to the various types of poker are located In fact, arcade games and the wonderful slot machines.