Playing in foreign casinos was once on the agenda, and the risk of running into scams and not being paid was very high. Today all this has changed a lot.

Do you know what foreign casinos are?

Do you know how to reach them?

Do you know the risks related to taking the bonuses without immediate deposit of foreign casinos?

Can you recognize which are reliable?

The answer is probably always not. Given the increase in requests for help on the forum and by email, we decided to prepare a list of foreign casinos, so that you can consult it before making "bullshit".

If you are not yet convinced, read this article on 10 reasons not to play on illegal casinos.

This service is designed both for players and for autonomous administration of the State Monopolies, Which can find a list of foreign casino ready to be included in the list of sites subject to inhibition for darkening.

Report illegal mess


We apologize for the insistence of this article, but we really want you to have no problems playing and we don't want you to come scammed. Having said that if you want to try your luck, start from Online casino that we suggest you, you will receive all the protections and assistance you will need. If you have problems with a mess on our list, report the problem in the appropriate section SOS Playuscasino DEL FORUM.

If you have had an experience or you have seen a foreign casino you don't find on the list at the beginning of the page, report it in the forum in the section Not recommended casino.

Foreign casino list

This list of casino without a license is ordered in chronological ordernull Above the most recent report and at the bottom the oldest.

GoldenStar casino

Bronze Casino

Split Casino

Loki Casino

Spin Up Casino

Unique Casino

Gale& Martin

Bet travel


World Casino


Ricardos, Tropica Casino, Gibson Casino



Supreme Play

Casino Gold

Crown Europe e City CLub

Split Casino

Foreign casino should be avoided, why?

a) legally you will never be protected in case of problems of any kind, especially in case of non -payments of the winnings;

b) risks administrative and criminal penalties by the American State Police and the American State, you are doing something illegal;

c) Your data end up within an immense black market, and will have passed by hands with various subjects. You will start receiving email scams from foreign casinos, and your identity, on the web, will now be compromised. You will be bombed with advertising fraud on gambling, from every corner of the planet. Remember: in USA the advertising via email is prohibitednull If you receive it, 99% of cases are a scam.

Foreign mess with no deposit bonuses

Always remaining on the fact that the protections are always missing, they come without even if they offer you a no deposit bonus. It will never happen that someone gives you money for free to play, unless it is a dealer. One thing is to take a AAMS no deposit bonus Of those that we point out, one account is to fall into scams of foreign casinos without deposit.

Scusate ma pensateci bene: 1) società in un paradiso fiscale; 2) licenza "fuffa" senza controlli e senza nessuna garanzia ---> davvero credete che queste persone con alla base soltanto queste due condizioni citate, vi regalano dei soldi? Noi non ci crederemo mai. We believe there are more likely to receive an invitation to dinner from Chiara Ferragni rather than receiving a no deposit bonus from a foreign casino and collect it.

Paypal foreign casinos

Paypal is now the most common payment and recessed method in the world of the web, and also among foreign casinos. The recurring scam of foreign casinos with Paypal is that of donations. What they do is very simple, less simple is to understand that they are doing it. The process is soon said:

a) sending advertising emails in its various forms, often pretending to be a natural person who suggests you access through a link;

b) often these emails use the name of well -known and perfectly legal and safe brands, therefore pay attention to all advertising emails;

C) clicked where suggested arriving on a page where you ask you to deposit, and you think of doing it in a mess. Instead you are doing a donation and a paypal payment that Aladino himself will not be able to make you return the money.


D: What are the foreign casino?
R: Foreign casinos are all the mess that do not have an American driver's license.

D: How do you reach foreign casinos?
R: Often they are not reachable and we must continue to change different parameters.

D: Risks of foreign casinos bonus without immediate deposit?
R: The risks are very high, both for stolen personal data and for unpaid winnings.

D: Are foreign casinos reliable?
R: They are not, because they do not pay the winnings, they are reliable only to collect.