Are you wondering if the casinos accept postepay? Are you looking for a complete list of all online casinos with Postepay? One of the most frequent questions asked by casino players is whether it is possible to play the online casino with postepay and above all in which casinos you can take with postepay.

The answer is yes, it is possible to withdraw the winnings to the casino via the Postepay card. But not in all online casinos it is possible Deposit or withdraw with Postepaynull Let's see together how to use Postepay in online casinos.

I pro

Accepted by almost all online casinos

Accredited deposits immediately

0 commissions

The cons

Deposit/withdrawal limits

Non -immediate withdrawals

Casino who accept Postepay for the withdrawal and deposit of the winnings

Many of the products shown in tables and boxes are our partners who sometimes compensate for us. This could influence the products we insert but still does not affect our assessments. Our opinions are personal and dictated by precise criteria of the our certificationnull Below is the list of ours Partner it's ours ads policy.
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35x playthrough

Live games available

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

35x playthrough

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20x playthrough

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Use In online casinos postepay it is very easy and safenull The Poste Pay card (more formally Visa Electron debit card) is a rechargeable prepaid card issued by the American Post Office.

The convenience lies in the fact that, being rechargeable, it is not connected to any bank account and in the case of a scam or the cloning of the credit card, we don't risk to lose a lot of money. Remember that we at Playuscasino recommend playing only Online casino with postepay that we propose. Don't worry: in the casinos you find on our portal there are no bank scams!

Below you will find listed i casino to collect with postepay recommended by our experts.

You do not want deposit with postepay? Or do you have a card or a paypal account? Deposited in casino with Paypalnull If instead you want to play for free you can view ours Table on casino bonus with Postepay without deposit.

The best online casino with postepay

Postepay is definitely one of the most used deposit and withdrawal methods in American online casinos. Among the best online casino adm postepay we find: starcasino, Snai, Betclic, sisaleBetFairnull And for now we have only mentioned some. The ease of availability of the paper, the guarantee of safety offered by both the posts and the Visa, but also the possibility of choosing the charging amounts and always checking how much it is available on paper, are all reasons that explain the success of this method.

Pay with the postepay card

So the best method to withdraw and deposit in online casinos is to use the Postepay On all those portals that allow you to carry out these operations, such as those you found in the list above.

After choosing the casino in which to deposit and be ensured that you can use the Postepay card, you will only have to provide some essential information for the activation of the card and for the deposit.

Meanwhile, you must know that, the methods of deposit and withdrawal with the Postepay card They vary from casino to casino, but in any case, there is information that you will always have to have at hand as:

The name and surname of the debit card

The card number, which generally starts with 4023

The deadline and the CCV, which would be the last 3 figures behind the card

These data allow you to do everything with Postepay in an online casino. When you are inside, all you do is search for the postepay reference or debit cards or visa cards and proceed in a simple way with the use. In general, we recommend registering postepay in the casino, it is not dangerous.

Likewise simple it's seeing the tracing Payment and collection operations, just go to the American Post Office, log in and if you have not yet registered, you just have to do it.

ATTENTION: the poster of the Postepay must be the same as the casino account, otherwise there will be problems with the withdrawals.

How to deposit and withdraw with Postepay

We have seen that both operations can be done in the vast majorities of the American Gambling portals, we now go down in detail on how to make a storage area it's a withdrawal Postepay, both of these operations They are very simple.

When you are inside the online casino you have chosen to start having fun maybe decide before making some game sessions “For fun”, so as to become familiar with the portal itself and with the various games contained inside, only after having made enough practice, if you feel ready, is it time to open an account.

The opening of an account involves the association of a payment system, after which by opening the appropriate section, present in the menu "Payments" Of all online casino you can choose your Postepay among the various methods proposed by the system and make the first recharge on your account in a practically immediate way, all here, simple right?

In the same way, when luck decides to reward you, you can easily collect your winnings using the same system used for deposits, thus accessing the appropriate section, selecting this timeWithdrawals " And by associating your favorite method in order to be able to collect the sums easily and quickly, in a maximum of 2-3 days you will have your win in the pocket.

Useful information, s and customer support Postepay

Information, Postepay paper renewal and Postepay paper assistance

800.00.33.22 (from USA)
+39 02.8244.33.33 (from abroad)

Postepay paper block for theft or loss

800.90.21.22 (from USA)
+39.049.2100.149 (from abroad)

FAQ - Casino Online PostePay

Do all online casinos accept postepay?

the Postepay is accepted by most of the online casinos, but not by everyonenull In these cases the Best solution is to open an account on an e-wallet Like Paypal, Neteller, Moneybookers and associate their prepaid with it, because in this way the virtual wallet arises as an intermediary, canceling the problem.

Is the postepay card really safe?

The Postepay card guarantees total safety from numerous points of view. First of all, as we have already seen, the fact that it has both American and Visa Poste, but beyond that it also guarantees the security in the play of those who use it. Being a prepaid card and therefore not having connected to itself No current account, in the event of theft or loss, the maximum withdrawable is what is actually loaded within it, not a penny more. His Limit of use, which, if in the event of purchases it could represent a restriction, in the case of online casinos it is easily transformed into an advantage. It also allows you to constantly check the movements of the Prepaid postpay card Through the Poste Americane website, so its management and monitoring is constant at any time.

Can I deposit and take any figure in the Postepay online casinos?

No, online casinos that allow you to use Postepay provide maximum and minimum storage/sampling limits. For example, in Starcasinò you can deposit a maximum of 2,000 $ and take 10,000. Check the conditions of each mess before proceeding with deposits or withdrawals.

By depositing with Postepay, am I entitled to all bonuses?

Being a card belonging to the Visa circuit, all deposits made with Postepay should guarantee you the reception of bonuses. In any case, also in this case, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions of the bonuses alphines to be sure that we can receive them.

How much does the postepay cost?

The costs for the activation of a postepay card vary according to the type of card you want and at the time of the request. There are different types of Postepay paper (for example: Postepay Connect, Postepay Evolution, Postepay Digital) and based on the card you are interested in there may be annual costs or activations or promotions that allow you to receive it for free.

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salve, in the end, all casinos accept the postepay card as payment method, in fact the list that appears on this page is almost identical to that of the "casino list" section. i don't understand why you have not inserted star vegas and winga casino ... if you go to the main page of the star vegas website, it appears down between the deposit methods the postepay card. also on winga if i enter my account the postepay appears among the main deposit methods.