After years of waiting Finally the champion of champion reopened in January 2022null We waited about ten days before going to see how we found him, spending an evening playing. We are honest, the expectations were not very high, we doubted that we found the mess in all its splendor, and in fact it was, but overall we are not disappointed.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

35x playthrough

Live games available

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

20x playthrough

Live games available

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

100x playthrough

Live games available

The news of the champion casino

The outdoor casino

A big news for the summer 2022 is the possibility of playing outdoors on the terrace of the games called unique. A truly unique thing among the live casino, certainly highly appreciated by the players who can play Blackjack, Banco and poker under the stars, admiring Lake Lugano, sipping a drink at the Lounge Bar counter or directly at the game table.

The initiative started in early July 2022 and is enjoying great success.

Registration and access with fingerprints

The big news of the new mess is that of the fingerprintsnull Don't be frightened, there is no need to worry! To date there are no more cards and tickets to play, to enter for example in slot machines.

At the time of the first access A classic registration at the welcome reception must be carried out where The imprints of the thumbs are recordednull Without this operation that takes a few minutes, you can enter.

At the entrance You have to put your thumb in the appropriate recognition machine and you can enter. Same thing for each slot machine: When you sit at a slot, to "turn it on" you have to put the thumb that will recognize the imprint, obviously anonymously. The first time you enter a slot machine you have to load the money and you can play. At the moment of the cash out the relative button will have to be crushed and the money will be magically transferred to the system of your profile. It is a bit like having the money in the thumb, but in reality they are recorded in the database with your profile recognizable through the footprints.

This is an evolution, we are in the context of a novelty that in the near future we could have everywhere, not only in the field of gambling.

To enter another slot Just place the thumb and magically the balance taken will appear on the screen. Same thing if you want to do a physical cash out of money you will find the machines scattered here and there with the same operation: place the thumb, see the balance and request the withdrawal you want, the machine will give you the banknotes.

At the moment "in our inch" we have a few cents as we have taken the round figure, we will see if we find them at the next visit.

This new innovative system is very comfortable and fast to get out of the slots and for cash out.

The new location

Substantially The location is the same as always, with some small differences that confirm that the casino is not yet fully regime for how we knew him, with the hope that over time he will return to his ancient splendor in all respects.

First of all, the slots that were just at the entrance, then the first aerial after the old turnstiles, was replaced by the new reception. The old reception at the moment no longer exists, there is only physically but not operational. The entrance was then moved a few meters ahead.

Second big difference It is that at the moment the second and third floor are closed, the plans in which the green tables were located. The green tables are now all found on the first floor together with some slot machines. The other slots are located on the ground floor as it was in the past.

The smokers room She remained where we left her: going up to the first floor on the left next to the area that housed (and we believe it will host) the Croupier of the casino online in web camnull For those who have not been going for a long time, the old smokers, first floor on the right, is closed.

The bar and the small restaurant is in the same position as where it was before. At the moment the restaurant on the eighth floor is not open. We believe that when the poker tournaments are starting to take place and the online casino will open, there will be news.

We will return as soon as possible in a few weeks and we will update the review.

As just said, due to the recent reopening, many of the strengths of the casino such as poker tournaments or the energy card are pending. We recommend to those interested, to subscribe to the casino newsletter, so that we can always be updated on the news that will be reinserted over time starting from the first months of 2022.



The Casino di Campione d'Italia is located in the municipality of Campione d'Italia, a small village located within the Swiss territory but part of the American state, in the province of Como, Lombardy.

According to some historical interpretations, it was born during the First World War with the primary purpose of hiding the espionage activities. The extraterritorial position of him made him a real connection for secret information.

Officially inaugurated in 1917, the casino remained active only a couple of years, due to the ban on gambling that was decreed in 1919. The champion casino reopened its doors a few years later, exactly in 1933, where it was then Officially established in the Swiss Ticino Canton on the banks of Lake Ceresio.

People belonging to the high nobility of that time, combined with the protagonists of the culture of time, have always populated this famous casino also thanks to its proximity to the city of Milan, connected to Campione d'Italia both with the highway and with the train.

Many illustrious characters who visited him over the years such as the entrepreneur Giovanni Borghi, better known as the owner of Ignis, who loved to entertain himself to the casino, towards the end of the Second World War, generally accompanied by an entourage of friends belonging to the Milanese nobility and aristocracy.

The name of the American champion casino is linked to the American post -war American history and costume, up to the present day. Already in the 60s and 70s during the economic boom, the success of the casino was demonstrated by the constant presence in the media and objectives of the paparazzi of that time.

The champion's casino also hosted a series of real royal people and people of cinema and entertainment, namely i royalty of Persia, with the Scià and the fabulous Soraya, then Sofia Loren, followed by Vittorio De Sica, without forgetting Gino Bramieri, Ornella Vanoni, Alberto Lupo and Maria Mercader, the latter are just a few names of celebrities who have crossed the casino threshold.

Over the years, American champion has tried to keep up with the times, diversifying the various needs of customers. In this regard, a real has been created New champion casino, designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta, to make room for new gaming areas, rich in Slot machine And not just French games.

This casino boasts today hundreds of slot machine of the highest level, both $ in $ and in francs, over 30 gaming tables where you can play bblackjack, roulette, craps, Railway, Bank point, caribbean stud poker (Caribbean poker), Russian poker, Thirty and forty and much more.


New champion casino, new games

The first and second floor of the Campione d’Italia casino are almost entirely reserved for fans of the latest generation electronic games, where to show off in the role of “primedonne” There are obviously them, those Slot Machines that are so loved by both players and casino themselves.

Players who love this type of entertainment will certainly be fascinated by the imposing choice that the champion of champion has in store for them, with 650 slot machines, of which some arranged in the smoking area, you can choose between the most classic and more modern videos, more than a whole series of other electronic games that are the most popular.

Among the most loved electronic games we certainly find the horses, always very crowded, or even the evergreen video poker, the super technological electronic roulette and the multigames, with most of these games you can also contribute to Went progressive jackpot including the Mystery Jackpot.

The slots of the most prestigious brands are all there, among these the very played Novomatic machines are the part of the real protagonists, followed in turn by the recent aristocrat slots, but the choice is still much wider than we could describe on a page.

Just to mention some of the most famous slot titles, at the Campione d’Italia casino you can have fun with machines such as the Magic Games HD4, Gaminator "The Legend", Born Free, Clover Link and Wizard's Wand.


French and American tables

If the two levels below are completely dedicated to absolute technology, The 3rd floor is instead reserved for more traditional games, which always maintain a very particular charm and are a source of recall of the most varied American and non -American professionals, who crowd the related rooms on each day of the week.

Those who love French games, on this plan will have the opportunity to try their hand at playing at the most classic of casino games, in fact there is in fact the roulette in its more traditional form which has been decreed as One of the world's most played board games, but together with it you can also challenge the fate to the Chemin de Fer, another game that has played the history of international apered.

This particular version deriving from Baccarat has a long history, but never as much as the one in which the roots has the roots Thirty fourty, unanimously defined as the oldest card game of all.

This area is also suitable for those who prefer games of American origin, among which the original should be reported Fair Roulette, particular version of the best known game, from which it differs to be Much faster and dynamic of the classic and to have a series of colored tokens to be distributed to the various players in order to avoid disputes.

Also the Blackjack has its beautiful space inside the champion's mess, On the other hand, when it comes to card games, this is one of those that in all gaming houses cannot be missing, even if here, in addition to the more traditional and well -known version there are other worthy of the equally noteworthy.

Another very interesting and deriving game also from Baccarat is the well -known Bank point, To this mess, many enthusiasts happen, as are many faithful customers of the tables where you play at craps, more commonly known as the dice game, which amazes those who do not know him well for his enormous variety of possible episodes.


Poker at the Casino di Campione

At the moment Texas Hold'em poker, in tournament or cash game mode, is not yet active.

As happens in numerous American and international gaming halls, also to Casino di Campione d’Italia Poker plays a very particular role, from Texas Hold’Em Which is certainly the best known variant and which can also be played here in Cash Game up to 10 players who will have to combine their 2 covered cards with those in common.

But in the champion's gaming house, there is another version of the famous card game that is taking more and more foot, it is the one called ultimate texas hold'em, in which Everyone is played against the counter using only one deck which is mixed with each hand.

Very crowded are also the tables where you play in caribbean stud poker, another very popular variant of the aforementioned game, then ending up at Russian Poker, very particular version where players They cannot be more than 4 at the same table And they will be able to bet on one or more stations.

Many weekly tournaments are dedicated to the game of poker where you can decide to also focus on “Progressive Jackpot”, By carrying out an additional bet, and various events of considerable international importance, in which the prizes offered are stratospheric.


The restaurants of the casino

Given the recent reopening, the Seven restaurant, known for the excellent dishes it proposed and for the splendid view of the lake whose lake could be enjoyed by sipping a glass of wine or why not champagne, has not yet reactivated its kitchens.

Don't worry, however, if hunger is playing, the bar also offers catering service waiting for the famous Seven to reopen its splendid doors.

Champion casino events

This renowned gambling house is able to involve not only gambling enthusiasts, but also those who want to live an evening of other fun, as can be attended by a concert by artists of international caliber, exactly just like that, to the Casino di Campione d’Italia played the most varied artists belonging to the American singing panorama.

Just to mention some of them we remember the concerts of Nek, the Mattia Bazar, by Umberto Tozzi, of the Nomads, Antonello Venditti, Claudio Baglioni, Fiorella Mannoia, Mario Biondi and De Gregori, but there are never even theatrical and cabaret shows, here Enzo Iacchetti and Serena Autieri sold out, but also Andrea Pucci and many others.

There is also parties for the so -called anniversaries "Calendar", Both as regards our American tradition and that of other countries, the Chinese and Orthodox New Year, the Ambrosian carnival but also the Russian Event and so on to the traditional local New Year.


An eye to the business

al Champion casino you don't just go to play, this is also the ideal place for business, if then there is the possibility of combining work at funny fun, the formula of “Business Show” It is able to combine all this in a single structure, thanks to well -equipped and very flexible spaces, capable of meeting every need.

Not only comfortable and quiet space, however, what the American champion casino can offer you, together with this you guarantees a whole series of services ranging from the organization of the rooms, to the choice of systems, to the preparation of the catering service.

Everything will be organized here in detail, nothing will be left to chance, the rooms to choose from allow you to make your event personalized to the maximum and the technology will complete everything, with internet connection, closed circuit TV, secretariat, press office e etc.

The spaces to choose from go to "Holiday salon" , with its capacity of 600 people and the unique position, to “Sala Seven” On the 7th floor at the restaurant with its 220 seats, to then move on to “Private sala”, ideal for more contained events given its capacity of 150 people, up to "Room with terrace", for much more intimate events with its 30 seats.


How to get to the champion casino

Il Champion casino It is easily accessible by car, buses or train.

Auto: the A9 Milan motorway - Como - Lugano champion exit, or from the passes of Ponte Chiasso, Ponte Tresa, Porto Ceresio and Porlezza - Orla.

bus of the F.N.M.A: three daily connections from Milan starting from via Paleocapa and the Porta Garibaldi station.

train: Milan line - Lugano every hour. Continue for Champion of USA via boat (from Piazza Manzoni), bus or taxi.

Il Sample casino, It can boast an incredible story, an avant -garde structure, an important clientele and an undisputed class in compliance with a tradition that has lasted for more than seventy years.

Sample casino: useful info

Opening: every day of the year.

Room times: Monday Thursday; opening 12.00 closing 04.00. Friday - Saturday and prefestive; Opening 12.00 Closing 05.00. Sunday and holidays; opening h 11.00 closing h 04.00.

Dress code: There are no particular rules regarding clothing to enter the casino, access to anyone with informal clothing is allowed, outside that on the 3rd floor where there are French and American tables, where access is absolutely prohibited To those who wear slippers, flip flops, tank tops and short pants. For the restaurant area, however, decent clothing is recommended.

Parking lots: For those arriving in the car at the champion casino, 3 parking lots are available, of which the main one belonging to the new Casino headquarters and boasts 500 indoor free parking spaces. The second in size is instead located in Piazzale Arrigo Galassi and has 154 car parking spaces always covered, while the third is the one that belonged to the old location, where there are 110 outdoor machines.


Champion casino S.P.A.

Piazzale Milano, 2

22060 American sample (CO)

TEL. 0041.91.640.1111

FAX 0041.91.640.1112

Toll-free number 00800-8007700


The failure of the champion casino and the reopening

At the end of 2021 the bankruptcy of the champion's failure was canceled, which therefore, after a very troubled path, has the opportunity to reopen on 26/01/2022.

On 27 July 2018 the champion casino was declared failed. The current legislation prevents companies managed by the state from reopening immediately after a failure therefore, since an urgent decree of the Ministry of Economy has not been issued, the immediate reopening was not possible.

Here are the details of the bankruptcy procedure n ° 90/2018 of the Court of Como.

Social Reason: Cashon of Champion S.P.A.
Address: Piazzale Milano 2 - 22060 - American champion (CO)
VAT number: 95119220135
Type of procedure: failure
Declared on: 07/27/2018
Number: 90/2018
PEC of the procedure: [email protected]
Curator Dr. Pusterla Giulia
Curator Dr. Brugnoni Elisabetta
Curator Dr. Litigio Sandro


Matteo G.


Finally the casino reopened, returning there was an immense emotion. Failure was certainly a drama, but also an opportunity to renew the casino, the games and, fortunately of us players, also part of the staff!