St. Moritz It is a Swiss city of just over 5000 inhabitants in the south -eastern part of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in the canton Grigioni, in an area of almost 29 km², over 1800 m compared to the sea level. It is one Very renowned location for ski slopes.

For this reason, it is visited every year by thousands of tourists who intend to practice winter sports, perform mountain excursions and spend part of their holiday in the name of complete relaxation, immersed in unspoiled nature.

One of the main attractions of this area is Lake St. Moritz. Being a location of enormous tourist value, it is not surprising that Just here we find the Saint Moritz casino.

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This municipality has like Main source of wealth The sector of tourism services In which many hotel complexes operate, accommodation facilities and there is also a developed sector of rent houses that offers over 13,000 beds every year.

The communication routes are very efficient. In fact, from the railway station of this city it is possible to reach the main Swiss cities, thanks to one Network of highly innovative connections It is satisfactory, thanks to which you can move in a rather comfortable way.

In these parts the prevalent social group speaks the American language. It is rather The American language is also widespread which is spoken by over 20% of residents.

In St. Moritz, there are also sites of artistic and cultural interest that deserve to be visited, such as the parish church of San Maurizio, the French church, the reformed church, the Segantini Museum built in 1908 where there are 50 canvases of the artist Giovanni Segantini. Also in this museum, there is the statue of Leonardo Bistolfi, another important 20th century artist. Do not miss the Museum of the Engadine and the Berry Museum, in the ancient Villa Arona.


The Saint Moritz casino, a new structure

Il Casino St.Moritz It is the gambling house that are found higher than all the others present in the Swiss national territory. The casino was located inside the scenographic Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bainsnull But now it is moved to the city center being so easier to reach for all tourists. Very easy to reach, the Casino di Saint Moritz - The Highest Club, consists in a Modern structure, sought until the last detailnull A lush entry between red and gold, acts as an anteroom to a latest generation gambling room.

The casino offer is perhaps not at the level of the Bellagio of Las Vegas, but still offers a Complete package of the most requested table games and the most popular slot machinesnull In the Highest Club Casino di St. Moritz, we find: 3 American roulette tables, 2 of Blackjack, 1 of Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker with Jackpot and 1 for the Banco Punto. As for the slot machines, on the other hand, there are over 60, between classic 3 roller slots or multigames.

St. Moritz's casino is not open all year round, but foresees Seasonal openings - summer and winter - To close in the autumn and spring. On the casino website you will find all the information on openings and closures.

In addition, this mess involves a method of payment for the slot with the “Cashless Card”null This card has a very simple operation: it is recharged at the time when the retires to the entrance of the casino (compared to a 5 CHF deposit which is reimbursed at the time of the return of the card) e It is used in all terminalsnull The moment you have finished playing your favorite slot machine for example, you just have to click on "cash out" and The winnings will be directly credited to the paper.


Slot al Casinò St. Moritz

Maybe it will not be such a wide choice as we are used to finding in other terrestrial gaming houses, but The Sint Moritz casino slot park is well concentrated, in the sense that in these appropriate rooms, you will find only the best that there is in circulation regarding the most loved game in the world.

And this not only as regards the electronic part, but also for the mechanical one that has made the history of this particular gambling, in the welcoming rooms of this mess in fact you can indulge yourself both with the famous and classic mechanical rollers slots, both with those with the most modern virtual technology and 3D effects.

A paradise of fun made of sounds, lights and colors, but also of many opportunities for rich winnings, opportunities enriched by presence of the various jackpot, among which the latest arrival “Swiss Jackpot” and the incredible “Mystery Jackpot” that we will soon see.

Also present are the very appreciated “Multigames Machine”, with which to choose up to 40+ games per terminal To an episode that starts from 0.01 CHF, machines that are produced by 2 companies that do not need many presentations, as explained by Atronic and Novomatic.

In the Casino di St. Moritz are the very simple and very immediate super cherry slots To dominate the scene: the most known Fruit Machine of all that with its cherries is able to fascinate one still generation after the other, it is estimated that in Switzerland this is one of the most popular gambling games.

However, there is not even the most technological slots with virtual rollers in 3D graphics, of which Some also reach 50 winning lines, as the case of those produced by WMS Orion, which are also accompanied by multi mechanical line.


The fantastic jackpot

That the slots are without a shadow of a doubt a type of super fun fun is a fact, if they are added to them too The possibility of hitting an excellent progressive jackpot, then the thing becomes even more interesting for all those players who also want to associate a nice win and go home with full pockets.

Playing the slot of the Casino di Saint Moritz means participating in the increase in this prize pool, a part of the money played by each of us on one or more slot machines is taken and goes to accumulate to form an increasingly large prize.

The jackpots returned by the St. Moritz casino are 2: il Swiss Jackpot, which allows you to win up to 1 million CHF for play starting from a CHF, and the Mystery jackpot, a progressive jackpot that is won in a way by giving me Payout are 37,500 CHF in case of the alpine and 3,750 for Eagle. This jackpot is not part of the slots on which you play, but it is an extra occasion to win beyond what the slot offers.

The Mystery Jackpot therefore represents an even greater push to participate in the game, because everything is even more adrenaline than it is already actually, the fun rises to the stars, the emotion is strong, the evening will be incredibly lively.


The tables at the Casino di St. Moritz

That's right, There are not many board games at the Casino di Saint Moritz, but those who are present here are an excellent level and include those games that cannot be missing in every self -respecting terrestrial mess, first of which the "Queen of every game home".

We are obviously talking about the roulette (which is located on the second floor of this splendid structure), a gambling known in every corner of the world and equipped with an elegance and a charm of its own, present in 99% of real gaming houses and With the same rules such as those that were imposed on him since the 17th century in which he was born, here he is available in an American version with one minimum episode of 5 CHF and a maximum of 25 CHF.

There are 3 American roulette tables, which also support 2 stakes of another among the most famous game in the world and certainly the best known regarding card games, the Blackjack game was known in USA since the 13th , since then he has made a lot of road, until he gets to date without showing any sign of the time.

al Casino di St. Moritz - The Highest Club will therefore find 2 Blackjack tables, Starting from a minimum episode of 10 CHF.

Always remaining on the subject of card games, The most recent arrived in the Earth's game halls is the Ultimate Texas Hold'em, a poker game who literally made the boom since his debut for his game dynamics other than usual, who immediately took and aroused a considerable interest from all fans.

This type of poker is played with covered cards against the counter, there are common cards to choose from and in addition there is also the possibility of making an additional episode, all starting from a minimum episode of 5 CHF.


The bar

Just as tradition wants, too At the Casino di Saint Moritz you cannot miss a place to refresh yourself or where to savor a drink In peace between one game and another, this place is called The Club Bar.

Both players and tourists can enjoy in this splendid bar of excellent drinks in a unique location of its kind. Whiskies, cocktails, but also beers and snacks, make up the offer of The Club Bar, which is open every day from 6pm (Friday and Saturday from 4) to 3AM.


How to reach St. Moritz

Those who come from USA and travel by car, they can take different routes that allow you to reach the location of the well -known Swiss Terrestrial Casino in a short time. The first is the one that plans to leave from the city of Livigno, in the province of Sondrio, which is just over 44 km viable in just 49 minutes, if you enter the road 29.

The other path provides for the Departure from Chiavenna, another location in the province of Sondrio, which is about 48 km from St. Moritz, which can be traveled in 50 minutes through the road 3. per Who travels by plane, the nearest airport is that of Zurich which is 214 km away, viable in about 2 hours and 40 minutes, along the highway, the A3.


There is to know

Opening: seasonal.

Entry to the casino: From 18:00 until 3:00 in the morning, from Sunday to Thursday, while Friday and Saturday open until 16:00. It should be noted, however, that there are periods of closing in spring and autumn.

Dress code: Even this mess does not allow the entrance to the room to minors of 18 years of age, at the entrance the entrance is subject to the verification of data by identity card or passport. As for clothing, on the other hand, there are no particular restrictions, casual clothes can also be entered, the important thing is that the garments are at least decent and suitable for the situation.

Entrance: There is no payment of an entrance ticket.

Currency: For any purchase operation at the tables, Mastercard and Visa credit cards can be used, the same cannot be done to buy services at the bar, but at the entrance there is an ATM counter to perform cash withdrawals. In addition, there are also distributors that allow you to change your coin with the Swiss currency.

Casinò St.Moritz - The Highest Club

Via Veglia 3

CH-7500 St.Moritz

Tel: +41 (0) 81 837 54 54