Known internationally especially for skiing, Kranjska Gora It is a Slovenian municipality on the border both with Austria and with USA, famous for the performance of some races of the World Ski Cup and For his very popular Casino Korona, a destination for players who come a little from all over Europe and in particular from USA, given its geographical proximity.

But not everyone knows that this is a somewhat location also attended throughout the summer, thanks to the possibility of dedicating yourself to various types of sports and outdoor activities, in an almost uncontaminated territory that puts all those who decide to devote themselves to excursions, trekking, mountain biking, but also to simple walks to rediscover of a beautiful alpine landscape, made of green valleys and crystalline lakes.

One of the most beautiful to see is certainly the Light clear, lake with clear waters set in the mountains that give a breathtaking view, so much so that you look like a postcard, excellent for long walks along the surrounding paths, but also for sunbathing, perhaps avoiding bathing in its icy waters, it is present Even a bar and various points where you can quench your thirst.

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Live games available

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Spectacular the climb to the Vrsic Pass, where over 50 hairpin bends give one of the More spectacular panoramas of all Slovenia, which gives its maximum when you look at him from the top of the mountain at 1,600 meters in height, just as spectacular is a stop in the Greens Nature Reserva, a nature reserve that guarantees moments of true peace and tranquility on the shore to the pond that dominates it.

But in Kranjska Gora there are also historical places and monuments to visit absolutely, the most famous is certainly The Russian Chapel, splendid example of the Orthodox Church built by Russian prisoners during the First World War, but there is also the Church of the Madonna of Ascension, Gothic work of 1570 and much more.

However, we said that Kranjska Gora is also a place where you have fun and the opportunities to spend the evening are not lacking, the Casino Korona makes you try the thrill of the game at its numerous tables and slot machines, but not only. Everything will also be accompanied by excellent concerts, a rich entertainment program, the pleasures of good food and the comfort of a best hotels in the valley.


The Casino Korona Kranjska Gora and its 23 live tables

Excellent fun opportunities for fans of live games in this beautiful Slovenian casino, which makes you available to you various possibilities to compare yourself with luck and your betting ability to a great variety of entertainment, with exciting games to Greater international azarial classics But not only that, let's see what we are talking about.

A small premise before starting with the explanation concerns the timetables of the tables that vary during the course of the week. In fact, from Monday to Thursday, the tables are open from 15:00 to 2:00. On Friday, on the other hand, bellies are available 15:00 to 3:00. On Saturday the timetable changes again and it is from 14:00 to 3:00, while Sunday the closure is anticipated, from 14:00 to 2:00.

Impossible not to start this roundup with what is the symbol of all the mess in the world, that game that has entertained entire generations of bettors over the centuries and which still fascinates thousands of them today. We are talking about the roulette and its 8 tables in the Korona casino In the American version, however combined with the French variant.

the roulette americana It is the favorite of the mess and also by the customers of the same for its basic characteristics, the first of which is to be Much easier and faster than the original French versionnull It is easy to manage from the Croupier and easy to play for beginners too. The combination with the French one makes it even more understandable, as the arrangement of the numbers on the cylinder is the same as that of the French roulette.

In fact, you can play knowing only some of the most common episodes, especially because the rest will be determined by the fortune component. It does not take particular skills to play roulette, once you have learned the main episodes you just have to deliver a banknote to the Croupier who will change it in those who are called color tokens with specific value.

Such tokens are customized, in the sense that Each player has his own color, This protects you with possible disputes of any kind, making the game much more fluid and smooth than what happens in the French version. At the end of the game, the Croupier will change your yatted in value tokens, which can be changed in cash at the cashier.

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35x playthrough

Live games available

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Live games available

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But be careful, the color tokens cannot be brought from one table to another, those you receive are exclusive to the table that has delivered them and must necessarily be spent or at least changed before leaving the same. At the American Roulette del Casino Korona The minimum episode is $ 1.00, while the maxim reaches $ 200.00.

International milestone, also the bblackjack It certainly cannot be missing within this well -stocked Slovenian mess. It is one of the best known card games in the world, which combines with Fortune component an indispensable strategic part who will guide you to make the right choices to cross the score of the counter without exceeding the total of “21” points.

The Croupier will give two cards discovered to you and one to yourself, with rapid mental reasoning you must decide if the score you have in your hand may be enough to beat that of the Mazziere or if maybe it is appropriate to ask for another card up to A sum that satisfies you, in any case you will have to have a minimum of 11 in hand.

The part of strategy comes into play right now, that is, you will have to be sufficiently lucid and conscious to get to a score that puts you first of all away from the risk of "Hut", that is, exceed the total of 21 points and after quite high to beat your opponent. You will be able to have fun in the Casino Korona at his 2 Blackjack tables with a minimum episode of $ 5.00 and a maximum of $ 500.00.

But the famous card game in this casino still reserves surprises, the first is the presence of a table of “Double Deck Blackjack”, whose rules are almost entirely equal to the rules of the most traditional blackjack except for some exceptions, including the fact that the cards that are delivered to you will be covered instead of discoveries, you cannot look at them until the counter has done his own played and others inherent in the episodes.

The same are also the amounts between Double Deck Blackjack del Casino Korona, With a minimum episode of $ 5.00 and a maximum that stands on $ 500.00. This version therefore is dedicated in particular to all the most avid bettors, who, however, will also love the third way of this card game that the mess in question provides.

It is the”House Money Black Jack”, More than mode, this is an accessory game option to be used even in the most classic version of the game, this consists of an additional episode Which can be placed when you carry out the initial episode and cannot be withdrawn once it is made.

Il Casino Korona includes a House Money Blackjack table, where the minimum episode is $ 5.00 and the maximum of $ 500.00, while the House Money episode of $ 50.00. It is worth doing some hand at this table if you are a lover of this game because it allows you to get various types of interesting winnings.

Always in this room we also find 2 tables of Midi Punto Banco Where the bets are really electrifying, especially for the high amounts that are foreseen, it is in fact from a minimum episode of $ 20.00 to a maximum of $ 2,500, stations reserved for professionals in the sector.


Inside the Poker Room of the Korona casino

Among the different card games existing in the world, one of those who cannot be missing in gaming houses is undoubtedly pokernull It is a game that has been talking about itself for time immemorial, especially for different variants that have been born over the years In the outline of the most classic one and that led him to be known not only by wrath enthusiasts, but also in bars, circles and houses.

One of the most played versions at the moment is undoubtedly the one who made his debut a few years ago in America and had immediately after an incredibly fast diffusion in European gaming homes, whether they are online and offline. We are talking about Texas Hold'em, Game made of private cards and common cards.

In the Casino Korona of Kranjska Gora there is a table of “Ultimate Texas Hold'em”, Where you will find yourself in a head -to -head directly with the Croupier, who after having made your episode will deliver 2 covered cards with which you will have to start thinking.

Il Texas Hold’Em In fact, it provides that the Croupier discovers in three different phases the 5 common cards on the table, cards among which you will have to choose the ones that will be the most useful to make your best combination of 5 cards needed to beat the bench in combination with those that you have in hand.

There is a single table of Ultimate Texas Hold'em in the Casino Korona with a minimum episode of $ 5.00 and a maximum of $ 100.00.

ma The adrenaline runs fast in the poker room of the Casino Korona, Thanks also to the mode “Hit Progressive Draw Poker” Played again against the Croupier and which gives you the opportunity to win even more thanks to the progressive game that it includes in the 2 tables where it is hosted.

From the moment you sit at one of these tables, you have 2 possible choices in front of you: the first is to simply play classic poker, the second is instead of also participate in the progressive gamenull In this second case you will have to deliver the additional episode for the parallel game to the Croupier.

A little particular rules are those that this version of poker provides. One of the most important concerns the possible change of the cards you have in hand. In fact, if some paper does not seem good enough you you can change it, but if you do so You will receive less for the winning combination And also to progressive game, so your win will be lower.

If you want to change a card, push it aside and cover it with a token of the value equal to the toilet of the initial episode, ai Hit Progressive Draw Poker tables in Kranjska Gora's mess The minimum episode is $ 2.00, the maximum episode instead reaches $ 300.00.


Casino Korona fra Slot Machine e Bingo

In the midst of all these beautiful games that belong to the most faithful tradition of international azarus, a large room stands out which instead contains the latest founds of the most recent technology, a complete room full of electronic games where they excel well 409 modern slot machine For all tastes and for all budgets.

In fact, there is only spoiled for choice among the various themed games proposed by the machines of this room. They range from the most vintage issues, made of rollers that recall the famous Fruit Machine, to those that depict futuristic themes with 3D effects and animations to envy a cinematographic film.

But not only of slots in their most classic term is talked about in this Electronic Room of the Casino di Kranjska Gora, in fact, cars are also included here Multigames, that is, that they have different types of games, from the videopoker, a super known game on this support for the brand new Electronic roulette, real revolution for this great classic.

It is worth spending a few lines to describe this new type of fun, born from the need to make players even more independent of the play of others and free to bet at any time without having to wait for the much longer preparation times of the terrestrial roulette.

The more traditionalists did not welcome this innovation with great happiness, at least at first, as they seemed a bit of distorting the essence of a game like Roulette, which spuries charm and magic from all sides in its most traditional real version, but as soon as the brand new electronic roulette placed themselves solidly in the rooms, skepticism was soon overcome.

A game in which there will be no need for Croupier and tokens to be tightened in hand, everything is managed through a comfortable touch-screen. So you, sitting comfortably, will perform your episodes away from prying eyes, while the Croupier is replaced by a software that will make the wheel turn and launch the ball.

Let's go back to the most loved public machines by the general public saying that, to make the game even more exciting, the Casino Korona organizes numerous games and slot tournaments, which make the game to these machines even more competitive and adrenaline, in a mix of challenge against others and against the blindfolded goddess that will lead you to levels of involvement absolutely above usual.

There is a good news also with regard to the slots and the under -pressure smokers. In fact, in the Casino Korona there is theOpen on Jose, a room with 24 slot machines, Where you can play your favorite fun by staying outdoors while not giving up on the pleasure of a cigarette during the various games.

Another game of American origin and which for over a decade has also conquered the rooms of the European clubs is the Bingo, a sort of bingo where the player tries to cover the winning combination between the 25 boxes numbered on his game folder with which he participates in 4 games.

In addition to the winning combinations of each individual game, al Casino Korona can also win the Superbingo to the fourth game. At this moment, in fact, a colored Jolly ball is also introduced into the urn, which is worth like any number on the game folder, which will lead someone to the room to reach his win quickly.

However, if the Superbingo is not assigned, the game continues until his win which becomes more and more attractive. Every day that passes the prize pool of the Superbingo increases by $ 150.00null When this prize is awarded, this prize pool returns to the initial value of $ 10,000.

However, there are also the winning thresholds, for example when the prize pool value reaches $ 30,000 yes they introduce 2 jolly balls into the urn at the beginning of the fourth game. Those who manage to create the winning combination will communicate it aloud and if there are more winners the prize will be divided into equal parts.

At the moment the Bingo room is suspended, but will soon return renewed and ready to involve all lovers of the genre again.


Embarrassment of the choice for dinner at Casino Korona

The moment of dinner is one of the most important of your stay in a gambling house, it is a time when you rest and the fruits of the past evening are collected, or maybe you load yourself for what she still has to come. In any case, food has a fundamental role for correct management of your game evening. Al Casino di Kranjska Gora They know it very well and do everything to put yourself at ease from this point of view.

That your preference is to order your favorite chef dishes or to serve you alone at the buffet, i Restaurant points of the casino have the solution for you without forcing you to get out of the game structure. This is a very important aspect that not all casinos can afford, being able to detach the mind just enough for the time of dinner and then ritualize in the middle of the game without moving a step.

If yours is a rather refined palate, the "Montana Restaurant" It is certainly the best solution, with its à la carte menu it foresees an excellent offer of wines and first choice dishes, Just as high levels is the service, impeccable and caring, all in a pleasant environment and at all snobbish.

andanddefinedLocal the one present in the Casino Korona with refined flavors And that turns out to be the ideal choice both for lovers of meat specialties, as for fish, without missing a touch of various culinary peculiarities that will let the most traditionalist guest happily surprised.

The wine list is one of the strong piece of the Montana, in fact, this offers a wide choice that makes it possible to combine the best wine practically any type of combination with the most varied tastes, the best thing remains to always let yourself be advised by the sommeliers to find the wine that best suits the choice of yours dishes.

The Montana restaurant is Open for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner. In addition to the à la carte menu, it also includes a fixed price menus of both meat and fish, in which for example you can find porcini mushroom gnocchi, a pig medallion in Karstian sauce with vegetables and chickpea sauce. For those who love fish instead, a menu is available that includes gnocchi with zucchini and shrimp, a fillet of sole with lime, roast fennel and olive oil. Finally you can also taste 3 Mignon desserts with fruit in sauce.

But in Casino di Kranjska Gora there is also a self-service restaurant, and the “Garden”, the ideal choice for all those who want to enjoy a tasty dinner in a relaxing environment but do not have the intention of remaining sitting waiting for the courses. A place for those who, in addition to quality, also love to go in a hurry.

Here you will find a rich offer of warm and cold dishes, including fresh salads, cold appetizers, pasta in different variants, meat or fish dishes, desserts and ice cream every day of the week both for breakfast, lunch but above all for dinner, to a fixed cost of $ 17.00, except that you are not a member of the Privilege Club, in what case discounts are expected.

At any time of the day, 24 hours a day, the Casino Korona also offers you another interesting alternative, this is the "Theater bar" Where you can enjoy a vast series of chicken meat hamburgers, speck, grilled vegetables and cheese, more numerous Slovenian grilled dishes, but also sausages, roastbeef, tacos with meat or vegetables, pizza, toast, sandwiches, sandwiches, cold cuts And sweets.


Golden dreams at the Casino di Kranjska Gora

No, you don't understand, you don't have to exhaust yourself in the game and fall asleep on the casino machines, we simply mean that, overall where the Casino Korona, there is also a comfortable 4 -star hotel With 24 rooms and 6 suite, where you can stay in total relaxation and with the advantage of also having the opportunity to take advantage of special overnight stays and various promotions.

To date it is possible to exploit the Package 150 $ which includes both the hotel and the beautiful and relaxing spa. With this offer, you receive a good value of $ 100 exploitable then to be able to play the casino, an overnight stay in a double room with half board, free entrance to the Korona entertainment center and the entrance to the Hotel Wellness of the Hotel Korona. It is still not over, because including in this package there is also free entrance to the swimming pools of the Hit Alpinea hotels, the free privilege card and the inevitable and essential free Wi-Fi.

Similar to this there are many other initiatives that are communicated every time on the official website of the casino that we invite you to watch from time to time if you are interested in this structure, you find all the references at the bottom of this piece, but it is not said that you It must necessarily stay here, in any case you have several alternatives on which to make your choice.

One of the most close to the Casino Korona is the one represented by the”Hotel Miklic”, Happy 3 star family -run with 17 rooms of various sizes, including 3 superior family rooms with two separate bedrooms and living room, with a splendid view of the surrounding mountains.

The hotel has modern furnishings, an excellent restaurant with a large choice of dishes à la carte, free access to the internet, garage and parking, sauna and fitness area, children's playroom and winter box for ski equipment, summer box instead For bicycles. In addition, accommodations can be chosen from single, double, triple, and two types of family rooms.

A perfect mix of modernity, tradition and originality is instead what offers you the"Hotel Lipa", what was once one railway station, today a modern family hotel 4 -star elegant interiors born in 1989 at the behest of a local family who brought this old station back to New Life.

Next to a restaurant and a pizzeria were open, where they can taste international dishes thanks to the influences of Slovenia, USA and Austria, such as pasta, risotto, salads, pizza, fish and most selected meats, one Multipurpose structure one step away from the casino Di Kranjska Gora.


How to reach the Casino di Kranjska Gora

Arriving in Slovenia from USA is certainly not a problem, indeed, the city of Kranjska Gora is easily accessible with a few hours of cars from the cities of northern USA, just arrive in Tarvisio following the motorway at 23 and after just 20 minutes find yourself in front of the Korona casino Ready for your great game evening.

All of course depends on your departure city, if you live in the center or south maybe you could opt for another type of middle to reach the goal, for example the plane. In fact, the new routes that connect are very interesting PalermoeNapoli Con loves Diretti a Ljubljana, Slovenian city with its airport that in an hour's car or bus allows you to reach Kranjska Gora.

My he Casino di Kranjska Gora can also be reached with railway connections From various parts of USA, there are trains that with or without changes pass from Bologna, Padua, Venice, but also from Milan and Verona that take you to Slovenia even if with travel times that are anything but short.

The same speech also applies to the bus, Some lines make the Slovenian journey starting from the main cities of northern USA, making several stops including one is Kranjska Gora, the only inconvenience is what you have to arm yourself with patience and sooner or later you get to your destination.


To know before leaving

Opening: The Korona casino is open all year round.

Entry to the casino: Slot machines are active H24, while the tables have precise times that we have previously described, throughout the year.

Dress code: The evening dress is not required, casual clothes can also be entered, the only precaution to follow is to not present yourself with too sporty clothes, costumes, tank tops or beach looks, in this case the entrance will not be admitted.

Entrance: Admitted only to adults with suitable identification document, which can be the identity card or passport, but also the driving license, provided that it is valid.

Access: Admission is free in all days of the year, with the exception of 31 December.

Currency: All the major credit cards are accepted, such as Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard, Diners and all the main coins, there is also an ATM.

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