1) Accurate selection of live tables

2) What version of poker will you find?

3) Electronic roulette

4) Where to go to dinner

5) Grandhotel Brno or?

6) How to get to the Casino

7) Find out before leaving

Il Grand Casino is located inside the Grand Hotel in Brno which is the second most important city of the Czech Republic, both as a territorial extension and for its demography.

Brno The main city of the Central European Region of Moravia, south of the country, is considered by all, as it has grown very much in recent years on an economic level, thanks also to the production of wines of the highest quality.

The city of Brno It is also well known for its exhibition center and home of the most important international fairs, conferences and exhibitions that are held in central Europe where the most interesting socio-economic issues of the city are debated.

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Impossible not to mention the Famous circuit of the Brno World Championship, a place that has become famous in the eyes of the world for the dispute of one of the stages of the most important event in the sector, but in addition to the Czech Republic Motorcycle Grand Prix, on this track they also ran well known Formula 1 drivers, who have darted for the its path from the 1930s.

Among the many, the phenomenal remains in history Nuvolari which, in his long automotive career, has also passed since Masaryk circuit, This is in fact the official name of the most famous track of the Czech Republic, which is located precisely 16 kilometers north of the city center, but this city is a pearl to be discovered.

In fact, there is no shortage sites of historical and cultural interest, there are numerous monuments in the historic center but also outside and which deserve a visit, as well as museums and a whole other series of attractions of considerable interest especially for fans of history and literature.

Among the many it is enough to mention Lo Spielberg, historic Habsburg building used as a prison and where they were several American characters also imprisoned, one for all Silvio Pellico, who began to write his famous book here "My prisons", but to see absolutely other important structures, such as the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, il Municipality, the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore and so on.

But what interests us most in this piece is to know what to do in Brno in the evening, how you can have fun, perhaps after a day spent around the city you want to stop and have dinner in peace with Czech specialties , to then continue the evening in one of the countless fun clubs, one of these is Grand Casino di Brno, which we immediately discover.

The Grand Casino di Brno belongs to the international circuit of the Casino of Austria, a leading corporate group in the gambling sector which, mainly, operates in several states of central Europe. Within this important terrestrial casino, visitors will find the best game services, a restaurant, a bar room and a TV, prolonged times to facilitate their access.

His staff is very helpful, friendly and able to make a visit to the casino a memorable moment for all his guests.


Select accurate for the tables of the Casino Grand Brno

With selection we do not intend to choose among the players to be participated in the tables of live games, but selection as for the games that are proposed in the Grand Casino Brno, giving space to the most traditional ones of all that occupy practically all the space of the room, it follows that the variety of the same is limited and for this reason we say that an appropriate selection has been made in this sense.

If in the main European terrestrial casinos the trend is to go and touch all the most famous specialties of international azarial, in this Czech casino instead the exact opposite takes place, that is, we tend to limit the choice, focusing essentially on 3 of those games that bring a certain constant flow of customers every day.

These are the roulette, il bblackjack and the poker, that defining sacred monsters of world god seems almost limited to us, because this type of entertainment are absolutely capable of making the beautiful and bad weather of every self -respecting game room, In fact, in fact it also happens in the Grand Casino di Brno.

Each of them is present in a specific version, as regards roulette, for example, we are faced with the legendary American wheel , with its tables exclusively reserved for active players, who however play this famous fun while remaining standing in front of the counter.

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Yes, because America Roulette is a most famous version of the world in the world (French), more streamlined and controllable, a little for the episodes that take place with colorful tokens differently From one player to another, another little more because it does not require all the necessary machination instead for the French roulette, for which more Croupier are needed.

With the American roulette of Grand Casino Brno one Croupier is more than enough, in fact, it will be able to manage the episodes, turn the wheel and launch the ball in hands that take turns very quickly with each other and that make the game even more exciting than it is already by its nature.

The American wheel also has a feature that gaming houses prefer, has a more number of the French one, this means that the player starts somehow disadvantaged towards the counter, but this for the bettors themselves at the bottom does not seem to be a problem, probably because it is compensated by the rapid rotation of the matches.

Always remaining in terms of great classics of world hen, here in the Casino Grand Brno there are also tables of the very famous bblackjack, a symbol game among those that involve the use of cards and inevitable in any terrestrial structure, but also virtual and it is, with its charge of discreet charm is able to fascinate everyone a little.

Blackjack which is located in its most classic form, that is, it is played with the 6 traditional 52 cards and the objective of the counter and player is that of the challenge to achieve the number of “21” with the sum of the cards in hand, without obviously exceeding it for not "Hut".

Game with a strong adrenaline component, the Blackjack stands as the second of the Most welcome card games in the Game House Grand Brno, where the first place in recent years has been occupied by another game always played with the cards and which is having an immense success now for varied time, the Poker.


What poker is played in the Grand Brno casino?

Well yes, the game of poker has always been a very welcome fun not only in the mess, but also on private evenings between friends at home or in the clubs, it is useless to deny that this gambling is also played in places not exactly devoted to the Gambling, such as the bars, but we are not interested in this aspect at the moment, as much as the one linked to different variations of poker born over the years.

Once there was the Poker Classico, which was played with a single deck of 52 cards and whose purpose was to create the best combination of the 5 cards that were distributed to you, then, given the ever -growing interest in it, an infinite number of versions that differ were born Among them also for very small aspects, but which have given a further increase in the level of satisfaction of the public towards this type of fun.

The poker variants are really many, among the most sought after today we find the Texas Hold’Em, played with private cards and others in common and the Oasis Stud Poker which is precisely also inside the Grand Brno casino as the only variant Available and which is mostly aimed at those who approach Gambling in a professional way.

This is because it Stud Poker It has characteristics that they badly get married to those who are novice, who must not get misleading that it is played with a classic 52 cards as normal, its rules are very different, especially for what concerns the episodes and which is mandatory to know in advance.

l’Oasis Stud Poker For example, contrary to classic poker, provides for a Additional payment for each card to change, therefore you understand that, especially in the long run, the episodes can also reach figures that are difficult to sustain by a beginner who does not feel like risking too much.

As the risk component increases, however, it also corresponds to a highly positive aspect of the variant in question, are the bonuses that are provided for those who manage to hit the best combinations, could be defined The Oasis Stud Poker of the Casino Grand Brno as a poker with a progressive jackpot, conceptually that's in fact just that it works.

Now we will tell you a news that will not please you if you are especially a lover of slot machines, the progressive jackpot of the Stud poker is the only one you will find in this mess, not because the slots do not foresee it, but precisely because The game house itself does not include slots.


No slot but electronic roulette at Grand Brno Casino

No, we are not joking, even if it is strange to hear it say today in 2016, unfortunately what we have said corresponds to reality, or at least when we write we have not yet received news of an insertion of this A beloved game inside the Casino Grand Casino di Brno, therefore we remain with the objective data that there are none here.

A real shame because this game is truly the one that more than any other contributes to the success of every gambling house in the world, real or virtual, the slot machines alone they are able to attract significant flows of players e independently realize 50% of the turnover overall of the various structures.

We do not know the reasons for this choice and we limit ourselves to exposing one of ours, it seems that it is absolutely personal but that we are sure also coincides with millions of other players who, like us, love to make a few turns of rollers every now and then, even when they are spending one evening at another game table.

al Casino Grand Brno, however, there is no shortage of the corner of electronics, this is manned by the stations of Roulette Touch Bet, which is nothing more than a way of aiming that makes use of tablets with touch screen screen, rather than episodes with money collected by the Croupier at the relative table.

To command the game there is in fact no software but a dealer in the flesh and bones that launches a ball inside a moving roulette, around the table there are no more fitting players standing, but the same are placed on personal stations equipped with tablets with which Make your bets away from prying eyes.

At the end of the episodes, the Croupier will kick off the game, will therefore launch the ball and when the wheel will stop the result of the game, that is, winning number and color, they will be automatically announced via a display on a large screen and on all Schedules of the terminals, as well as an acoustic signal.

This innovative game of Grand Casino di Brno, takes place at the bottom as the classic live game, With the difference that everyone will have their own exclusive episode space and will be able to manage it better, beting when and how much it wants without having to make it known to all the others, as happens in the most classic mode.


Dinner at the Casino Grand Brno or nearby

When you are inside this beautiful casino, you will only embarrass your choice regarding the breaks reserved for lunches and dinners, first of all because you can benefit from the excellent restaurant inside the Grand Hotel In which the gambling house has been obtained and then because just outside the structure there are really many clubs and of the most varied genres.

Il Garden Restaurant Le Grand It is the ideal place to spend an evening in the family or with friends, surrounded by a great setting and the professionalism that distinguishes the room, both as regards its kitchen and the room staff, careful and available to satisfy your every need null

The restaurant of the Grand Casino di Brno gives you the opportunity to dine in its beautiful winter garden, With lots of green around and a pond with a fountain in the center, to be contemplated while you will choose between chosen Czech specialties and international cuisine.

You can solicit your palate with a great variety of appetizers of all kinds, continue with soups, pasta or risotto, and then select between second courses such as chicken, beef and pork made in various ways, but also some dishes based on fish d fresh water, then ending with tasty dessert.

But if you need to refresh yourself a little during your day or game evening, it doesn't matter that you wait for the opening of the restaurant, because throughout the day starting from 8:00 to get to 23:30, to wait for you there will be the Lobby Bar dove Find light snacks and refreshing drinks.

This bar is located in the hotel lobby and is an ideal place to meet friends and discuss with them of your gaming experience at Casino Grand Brno, but also to pass romantic moments and why not, also available for business meetings, of which to discuss a nice cup of coffee.

Leaving the gaming structure you can meet several places to have dinner with everything you want, with an eye to American cuisine which, as you may know, is always highly appreciated in the Czech Republic, among the various American premises, Just in the city center we find the "Piazza Restaurant".

The restaurant is located inside the well -known shopping center “Omega” and allows you to enjoy the best of American cuisine, between the scent of the best ingredients and modern Venetian -style interiors, which guarantees a complete experience for all senses.

Here you can savor fresh fish every day, homemade pasta and pizza cooked in a wood oven, all enriched by a wide selection of only large American wines, to which the famous Moravia grappa is joined at the end of the meal, i Visitors of the Grand Casino di Brno who love the American tradition they absolutely have to pay him a visit.

Another cornerstone of the American cuisine Brno is "Lioness", Pizzeria restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of the prestigious and imposing Teattrow hard work In the center of the city, which offers a welcoming environment for dinners with friends, family, for a romantic evening, but also for special events.

The venue is in fact available for evenings dedicated to special events, such as meetings, promotional events, private parties, corporate dinners, fashion shows and weddings, whatever your lioness need has the ideal solution.

A restaurant made with modern lines, soft lights, elegant environment, design sofas and green leather chairs and cream that create a very special atmosphere and indicated for all those customers of the Casino Grand Brno who do not know how to give up a piece of their country When it comes to food.

His cuisine is prepared according to typically American tradition and offers the opportunity to discover unique and authentic dishes, which combine love for USA with the needs of local customers, therefore a rich offer is denoted that opens multiple possibilities.

The result is that It is not easy to decide what to eat, because you have the opportunity to choose from the many inviting dishes, from gourmet pizzas, to fresh pasta, from fish specialties to risotto and many delicious desserts, all combined with the hospitality of the staff who contribute to creating a very familiar environment.


Grandhotel Brno is not the only choice

We have already talked about this hotel in another article on the site dedicated to another game room, we said on that occasion that the “Grandhotel Brno” it's surely The first choice from those who go to the city And he wants to get the maximum of comfort, services and professionalism, but still remains the fact that this is not the only destination for those who want to save on the accommodation.

As previously said, the hotel is very beautiful and functional in all its aspects, however, the fact remains that these characteristics make the price rise a little compared to other hotels in the area with similar characteristics, which is why for which We will not go on to the hotel that hosts the Grand Casino Brno, but we will make a brief summary and then dedicate ourselves to alternative solutions.

Grandhotel Brno offer Luxury accommodation in 105 rooms finely furnished and divided into 3 categories, including Standard, Superior ed Executive, to which an exclusive is joined Junior Suite Which is the little product of the hotel, but in all the solutions provided for comfort and confidentiality are guaranteed to the maximum.

All the rooms of the Grandhotel Brno are non-smokers and are equipped with modern bathroom with shower, SAT TV with pay-TV, minibar, hairdryer, telephone, safe and Wi-Fi internet connection, while the Junior Suite has in addition bathrobe and slippers , tea and coffee kettle, wine bottle on arrival and luxury bath accessories.

But we said we want to concentrate on similar solutions and which still allow you to obtain savings on the living room, therefore we go to describe the characteristics of the”Hotel Europa”, always 4 star category and near the Casino Grand Brno, where you can stay at significantly lower costs of the one just seen.

Hotel Europa was inaugurated in 2009 and offers 45 double rooms both of type Superior than type standard On 4 plans of building in full Liberty style, a few steps from the center of Brno and its main gaming room and is a suitable destination for both working travelers and vacation.

The rooms are quiet and comfortable, these offer all comforts, including high -speed internet access, air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, telephone and a Free parking equipped with 15 parking spaces, which in the city is very difficult to find.

Hotel Europa is located in a very quiet area of the city, easy to access and a few steps from the main attractions offered by the city center, Getting to the Grand Casino in Brno is truly a moment, the rooms are all silent and welcoming and overlook the internal courtyard where private parking is located.

Always remaining on the subject of 4 stars, here we also have to report the“Hotel Slavia”, Il older Czech hotel in Liberty style which is located in the center of Brno, one step away from the most important reference points of the city and close to a pedestrian area.

The Slavia hotel has a not indifferent reputation that has built itself in over a century of activity, this not only for its position in the historic center of the city and for its architecture, but also on the basis of the approach of its staff and of 'great service that often exceeds even the most rosy expectations of clientele.

This was the first Czech hotel in Brno and boasts a highly loyal clientele, which tends to return several times to choose him for his stay and that we go to Also recommend to the loyal players of the Casino Grand Brno, especially today that is fresh of total renovation.

The Slavia hotel welcomes you with 84 luxury rooms, including 20 single, 61 doubles and 3 suites, rooms that are tastefully furnished and equipped with private bathroom, wi-fi connection, satellite TV, hairdryer, minibar, telephone and safe, in addition, the building is accessible with space for The disabled in a wheelchair.

Someone rooms are equipped with a fireplace, designed specifically for special occasions, while a rich breakfast with warm and cold dishes served buffet is available in the entire building in the morning.


How to get to the Grand Casino di Brno

The most important city of the Czech Republic, after Prague, It can be easily reached From some states of the Central Europe neighboring, thanks to a very efficient highway of motorways.

Whereas Brno It is located south of the country and in the heart of the Moravia region, visitors found in Slovakia and, in particular, a Bratislava can reach the location that is 129 km away along the D2 motorway in the car or on a bus.

From the Poland, Il Grand of Brno casino can be easily reached If you travel from the city of Krakow which is 337 km away moving by car or bus.


Find out before leaving on this

Opening: The Gran Brno casino is open at each time of the year for 365 days not stop.

Entry to the casino: The rooms open at 14:00 on each day of the week and remain functioning until 5:00 am the next morning.

Dress code: It is not essential to be formally dressed to enter the casino, in fact a casual style is also allowed, even if with a certain taste, in the summer it can be accessed by the rooms even by wearing short pants.

Entrance: Reserved for those who have turned 18 years of age and can demonstrate it by exhibiting the identity card, passport or even the driving license, provided that these documents are valid, without which you cannot access the house from game.

Access: Access to the rooms is free in each area of the structure, there are no entrance tickets.

Currency: The official currency is the Czech crown, but you can safely play in$, in any case all currencies can be changed to the cashier and the best known credit cards are also accepted, such as Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB.

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