Nice It is certainly the best known city of the French Riviera and the closest to us, given that it is located near the American border, famous above all for its strong tourist vocation in a very particular position, which sees it perfectly set between the sea and the mountains, creating a truly unique charm and An enviable climate throughout the year.

It is in fact mainly for its climate, its strategic position and the beauty of the sea that bathes its coast made of white pebbles, which Nice is very popular in all periods of the year, the color of the sea that goes into contrast with the white of the beaches returns a glance which is almost a living postcard, the great reception capacity developed over the years has led it to be today the most famous tourist destination of the Costa Azzurra.

But in Nice the things to do and see are still many others, going to make a vacation of only sea would be a shame, because at the same time you can visit the many attractions that the city offers you and of the most varied genres, the main one is no doubt Piazza Massena, huge square dominated by an imposing fountain and the undisputed symbol of the city.

Just as you will not be able not to take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais, main avenue of the city 7 km length and that brings you straight to the airport into the Old City, crossing which you can refrain your eyes with the scenery of the sea on one side and the refined elegance of the eighteenth -century buildings on the other.

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Nice is today a multi -ethnic city, it is estimated that 35% of its inhabitants is of foreign origin, in particular coming from sub -Saharan and Magreb Africa, but there has been a time when the whole blue cost and Nice in particular were, they were The favorite destinations by Russian aristocrats, which led to the construction of the wonderful Cathedral of San Nicola of 1912, an example of the Orthodox Church of rare beauty.

Many artistic places and museums scattered throughout the city, not to be missed those dedicated to Chagalle Matisse, But Nice is also theater of fun, his famous Carnevale dating back to 1289, but for all normal days there is no shortage of great fun opportunities, bars, shops, restaurants, coffee, pubs and a well -stocked gambling house, the Casino Barriére Le Ruhl, located right at the beginning of the historic avenue.


Let's see the tables of the Casino Le Ruhl di Nizza

Belonging to a large group such as the Barriere, also the Casino Le Ruhl Nice has an offer of respectable games inside, in full style of the famous company that manages most of the nation's gaming houses and beyond, managing to attract players of the most varied genres to themselves and always let them come out very satisfied by what they found during their game evenings.

If you too are one of those players who love the most classic tradition of azard, al Casino Barriére di Nizza you will have 19 tables available of the most famous live games in the world, which will guarantee you a succession of emotions throughout the year, being able to play every evening for example a bblackjack, in a close challenge against the counter to those who totaled a score as close as possible to

Blackjack is present in this mess, too In the form of another version for some tables, it is the Blackjack Lucky Ladies which allows you to win a special bonus if the first 2 cards you have in your hand reach a score of 20, which will multiply the bet carried out by a number that goes from 4 to 1,000 times, which vary according to what the hand is made up in question.

The additional episode in this case must be made before the distribution of the cards if you intend to try to win this juicy prize, which will be returned to you multiplied X4 if you have a generic combination of hand, x9 if you have 2 cards of the same seed, x19 in case of Pair of the same color, X125 with a 2 cards of hearts and for the beauty of 1,000 times with 2 cards of hearts if the bench makes blackjack.

Game where the strategy instead gives way to a good dose of luck and the roulette, Present in the Casino Le Ruhl Barriére Nice in its English version, very similar to the French one.

The tokens are then exclusive to this table, that is, they can only be used here where they were purchased and anywhere else, moreover, there is no rule of the"In prison", when the number then comes out “0” in Simple chances, such as the game on red, black, equal or odd, the player He immediately loses half of his bet.


Casino Le Ruhl Nice and his poker

Returning to the card games, al Casino Barriére di Nizza is also played an excellent poker In 2 main variations, the Texas Hold'Emel’Ultimate Poker At different tables with different episodes, so that you are a beginner, an expert or just a curious who wants to discover a new way of having fun, you will undoubtedly find the table that is right for you.

Il Texas Hold'Em It is a variant of poker that was born in America in the twentieth century, but the fame we reached it in much more recent times, especially thanks to its debut in online casinos, who have practically cleared it in style also throughout Europe , to the point that Earth's homes also started offering it massively, enjoying considerable success.

It will also be because its rules are very simple that to date this is the Version more played in terrestrial casinos around the world, which is played as the original version of the game, or with a 52 cards deck and with the aim of reaching the best combination with a hand consisting of 5 cards.

The number of cards and players change, in fact tables with 2-10 players are expected, to which the dealer distributes only 2 "personal" covered cards And therefore that you can see them only, after the center of the table 5 discoveries are set up visible to everyone, among which everyone will have to choose those functional to the realization of his optimal combination.

As for the method ultimate poker Present in the Live Table Room of the Ruhl Casino di Nizza, the participants reach up to 7 at the table and will no longer fight each other but each of them will try to beat the counter, who will then distribute 2 cards to each player and arrange the same 5 common cards on the table, all to face down , before distribution of the cards, it is necessary to make the bets and you can also insert a lateral bet.

If it is true that i Live games have their timeless charm, it is also true that poker and various other types of entertainment once purely terrestrial, you can also play in a virtual version, with different machines very similar to the slot machines and therefore inserted in the room dedicated to the latest generation electronic games, which we go Immediately to explore with you.


He tries his luck with $ 0.01 to the slot of the Casino di Nizza

That's right, the electronic games room of the Casino le ruhl barriére gives you the maximum pleasure with the slightest investment, because this is the figure with which you can start betting and start having fun with the most colorful machines from the whole blue Costa, which work every day of the year until late at night.

Produced with high technology, always a step forward on the market, the Barriére group takes particularly to its land slot park, So much so that it inserted a total of 282 only in the Casino di Nizza, which are part of that complex of 6,300 machines scattered in the 32 plants owned by the famous company, queen of the Gambling of France and beyond.

An infinite universe where you can choose between mechanical rollers and video rollers to virtual rollers and 3D graphics, in rooms set up to give the maximum involvement, between sounds, lights, colors and with the adrenaline of the game that is palpable since the first entrance to the room , a gigantic Luna Park for experts and non -experts.

The classic 3 and 5 mechanical rollers are the machines dedicated to the nostalgics of traditional gambling, they are machines in which the physical component plays its part when you try to Align at least 3 identical symbols on the only line available to win the bet.

These are mostly slots that reproduce or remember the classic symbols of colored fruit, which have now become the official icon of recognition for games of this type and are among the simplest and most immediate machines, where there is really nothing to understand , at the moment of winning the car will start playing and flashing, impossible to make mistakes.

Technology lovers instead, within the Casino Barriére Ruhul Nice will be more attracted to what has been natural evolution Of this game, i.e. the very modern 3D slots with virtual rollers, rich in sound and visual effects, graphically excellent and equipped with thousands of possibilities of different combinations, generated by the multiple payment lines they own.

These are also machines that reproduce the most varied issues, related to cinema, history, television, sport, cartoons and whoever has more and with which you can also aspire to Win the substantial Jackpot up for grabs.

It is possible to play with most of these machines by directly inserting a special ticket, this system is worth both for the collection of the sums won and for the episodes, in fact, there is a tendency to replace the tokens with easier systems like this, even if with some Traditional machines can still go to the casino case and change the tokens.

But in this modern room of Casino Barrière di Nizza there is another surprise to wait for you, this is called Electronic roulette And it is nothing more than the transposition of the English roulette from Reale to semi-virtual version, as it works with an automated wheel around which there are the bettors' stations.

Each of them has its touch-screen on which the mat is shown with the numbers virtually, while the roulette is projected on a giant screen, everything is fully automated, the software that makes the wheel turn and launch the ball even determines the intensity of the wind randomly.

The results are then displayed simultaneously with the individual position and on the giant screen in the center of the room, if you have had luck, the amount won will be automatically credited to your game station.


Between restaurants and bars of the Casino di Nizza

Refined and classy, “Le Golden Restaurant” and the Focale point for a tasty All’interno dinner from the Le Ruhul Barriere, Mirror on the ceiling, mahogany tables, benches and velvet or tweed armchairs, precious decoration frame a list of dishes created by a high quality cuisine, which offers you land and sea specialties every day for lunch and dinner.

Open every day of the week from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:30 to 22:15, the Golden Restaurant will delight your palate with dishes based on fish, meat, chicken, but also linguine and rigatoni. The dessert card offers delicious dishes such as Fondant au chocolat and tiramisu.

All accompanied by fine French, red and rosé French wines, an inevitable selection of champagnes and the Interesting proposals in association with the game at Casino Le Ruhul di Nizza, which consist of special formulas where food and game go hand in hand, in fact special formulas are planned that include tasting menus that also include tokens to play from different pewing.

“Le Golden Bar” it is instead the stage Ideal for afternoon breakfasts or breaks Between one play and another, given that the restaurant observes a continuous time from 9:00 in the morning to 04:00 on the next day, during which you can enjoy your moment of relaxation in the blue and gold decoration of this Elegant bar.

Faced with a huge bright stripes, the smaller appetites can be satisfied by the bruschetta, by various types of sandwiches, but also by carpaccio and cold cuts, to be accompanied to a nice glass of pinot or champagne.

My he Golden Bar is open late, a stop for the aperitif here is a must, as a stop is recommended during the evening to taste one of its numerous cocktails, among which the strawberry mojito excels, true specialty of the house and a long series of alcoholic drinks And not, beers, liqueurs and digestives.

In the end, “The Golden Club” and the place where you can enjoy liqueurs, champagne and wines by the glass, grappa, amaretto or limoncello for lovers of American flavors, if you have more classic tastes, the 12 years aged whiskey are your ideal drink, all in a retro chic atmosphere, made of benches of Velvet and soft lights, a welcoming environment for a drink while you enjoy the show of the various board games.


How to get to the Casino di Nizza

Being the most important city on the French Riviera, Nice is easily reachable from any means of transport, as well as well connected by an excellent network of highways, airports, trains and even ferries that make it become as one of the best served cities of all France.

The choice on How to reach the Casino Le Ruhl Barriére Nice It is therefore a lot to your preferences and travel availability, which can be carried out quickly by plane, landing at the Nice-Côte d'Azur airport, which is located just 6 km from the city center and which can be easily traveled with the numerous bus.

A stop this very popular in all the periods of the year, they are Several companies flying to Nice Starting from USA, if you have to start from the Center-South, maybe you can also find some good low-cost offer, if your departure is from the center-north there are other possible options.

One of This is the train, the Nizza station is just 1 km from the city center and is the destination of numerous daily arrivals from all over Europe, including USA that it provides railway sections from the main American cities, such as Milan and Rome, but also from Genoa or Venice.

But given its very favorable geographical position, this beautiful city of Provence can be reached quite comfortably even in the car, in fact, it is enough to arrive in Genoa and Continue to the time of the Casino di Nizza In peace, passing through dream scenarios that the French Riviera is able to give.

Bus also available who make the route in the direction of Nice starting from some American cities in the north, an alternative this comfortable and functional more than the car, if you don't feel like driving and want to enjoy the panorama that accompanies you during the trip.


Before reaching the room there is to know

Opening: The Casino Ruhl Barriere di Nizza remains open throughout the year.

Entry to the casino: Sala Slot : Every day from 9:00 to 04:00 in the morning. Table room: Every day from 14:30 to 04:00 on the next day.

Dress code: You can dress as you want to enter, but remember that casual clothing is admitted, with some limitations that should already be those dictated by common sense. In fact, it is not allowed to access the structure with swimsuits, tank tops, slippers or short pants.

Entrance: To access the rooms it is necessary to bring with it a valid identity document, such as the identity card or the passport that certifies the achievement of the age of majority, the casino reserves the right of entry exclusively to adults. For the usual customers of the game room, a loyalty card is available that allows direct access without files.

Parking: Free for Casino customers.

Access: There is no entrance ticket, the entrance is therefore free.

Casino Ruhl Barriere

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Tel: +33 4 97 03 12 22