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We are not an investment company, We are not a corporate listed on the bag, we have no stakeholders and other private and public subjects with economic interests on society. We are not politically involved, albeit we have our political opinions. We do not have foreign succurgers for tax optimization and we are 100% operational on the American territory. We do not make any kind of collection of money, we do not give winnings and prizes.

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We do not intend to give investment advice, we do not intend to encourage the game, we only try to give the correct information to users who, like us, are interested in this topic.

We believe that everyone has their own responsibility for spending decisions in the legal game, aware of the concrete risk of suffering losses in the game and that luck is often the most relevant element for any winnings. We also believe it appropriate to understand that the probability of winning also depend on probability inherent in each game and that the counter, in each game, always has a probabilistic advantage towards the player.

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In conclusion, how does monetization take place?

We are remunerated, according to different types of agreements, by the operators and intermediaries of the igaming community. It's true, we have compensation, but the opinions and conclusions on the portals we propose are objective and absolutely not influenced by the agreements. The remuneration is essential for the survival of the site and to continue to give our service free. Here you can find the list of ours Partner.

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